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    Vforce3 reed valves SJ

    No, I ordered a set of OEM for a 2019 thinking I would get fiber and they are stainless. Turns out you need to order for a 760 if you want OEM fiber reeds for your superjet.
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    Wouldn’t the ski have to already be out for the 20’ season at this point?
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    What's your view look like today?

    Took my son for a drive and taught him some life lessons about couches.
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    Yamaha SJ + DASA 950 After market For sale

    You should probably post in the complete skis for sale section.
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    Need a Battery

    Yup, $79 on Prime and 310 CCA.
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    Super Jet SJ Fuel Issue? Help needed

    I don’t see how adjusting the high speed screws would cause it to be hard to start after sitting for 20 minutes. I would pressure test the carbs to make sure your needles and seats aren’t leaking.
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    Want to Buy Lowered RN Hood

    Might have better luck in the Want to Buy section.
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    1995 Yamaha Superjet Resto-Mod

    LOL, "short shaft problem".... sounds personal.
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    What's your view look like today?

    Stupid California. Towing speed limit is 55 mph. Very safe when traffic is going 70+, even one CHP I spoke with thought it was more dangerous but he has to enforce the laws, not make them.
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    What's your view look like today?

    All good options and it's not for everyone. For me the ease of maneuvering and getting past the stupid 55 mph towing speed limit is worth the trouble.
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    RSKI Steering Pads & other cool new items

    Someone will probably put the MTB fender on a motocross bike and break it then you will stop making them, LOL.
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    What's your view look like today?

    Someone needs a Hitch Hauler.
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    Take it or leave it?

    Money in the bank. Free, free, free, free.
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    Superjet factory b pipe with mod chamber

    Crazy times we are in when used pipes are more than new. Supply and demand, good luck with the sale.
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    Super Jet What Super Jets Are Good For

    Or don't want to, LOL. I can ride a 550 and FX-1, I just choose not to :)
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    Take it or leave it?

    Yes and yes, just got a 1997 GP1200 for free last week. Ate the front piston but just for the stainless bolts, pump, engine shims and etc, free is free whether you sell stuff or not. Everything else is going in the dumpster.
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    Pimp My Superjet - MSRP Build

    I guess because it is easy and I hear everyone here say that you need to increase the rev limiter. Maybe you don't actually need to but that is, "as they say".
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    Pimp My Superjet - MSRP Build

    If it was me I would hold off on the Enhancer if you are even remotely considering a Zeel. 50% of people here say the Enhancer is unreliable and makes little difference and the other 50% say it is great. For me at the moment doing about the same thing as you I am just going to remove the stock...
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    B-Pipe Clearance

    Is your engine aligned and bolted down?
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    Pimp My Superjet - MSRP Build

    One thing to keep in mind is what you want do do with the ski but it's a fun project. If you want to run buoys and/or race the 1999 can't compete with the 2008+ hull.
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