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  1. Quinc

    Trump ski!

    Turn the volume up
  2. Quinc

    TNT v2 exhaust to manifold modification

    I got this idea from @Roseand but couldn't find the thread he posted in so I started a new one. Tim at tnt recommends using RTV around the mating surfaces which sucks if you need to remove the exhaust want to get back on the water right away. So hopefully next best thing to orings. This also...
  3. Quinc

    Other Long exhaust hose off a PFP waterbox?

    Before I cut up my almost new SJ long exhaust hose or buy a bunch of silicone elbows, I'm hoping someone can share a link to a hose that fits or what elbows you went with?
  4. Quinc

    Cost of building a ski

    List of parts to build a Krash Reaper. Does not cover everything as I stripped most of what I needed off my waveblaster. But shows how a lot of the "small" stuff ads up. Prices reflect what I bought either used or new during black Friday sales and ebay coupons etc. -Blue silicone RN long...
  5. Quinc

    Best way to spray?

    Installing my tnt v2 lay down pipe with sprayer on the manifold. And wonder if better to have the half moon sprayer with a wider spray pattern or a straight shot of water from an npt fitting? Pics where taken without the 120 jet in the sprayers. watcon/coffman sprayer. Any benefit to the...
  6. Quinc

    jetpilot 80% off

    Jetpilot sale section has wetsuits, pfds, shoes, etc right now for dirt cheap.
  7. Quinc

    Want to Buy WTB Worx WR228 2008+ SJ Worx intake grate

    Looking for a used WR228 to try. doesn't have to be perfect.
  8. Quinc

    Careful posting pics of guns

    Interesting read.
  9. Quinc

    New RP Race Performance exhaust chamber

    Saw this on IG. Looks pretty nice.
  10. Quinc

    Krash Reaper Review

    After riding; Chopped and rockered blasters, MX1 and a Viper, I preferred the ride of the Reaper. Came across a decent deal on a hull and this is my review. First time doing flat water on a Reaper. Drive Train: 62t/61x 754cc CPT ported 170psi SJ bpipe w/ RN waterbox Dual 38's /Ocean pro flame...
  11. Quinc

    Tips on drilling new ride plate?

    Reaper came with a ride plate that is not drilled. Anyone have tips on matching the holes up perfectly?
  12. Quinc


  13. Quinc

    3x FCV's for 133$ shipped

    Have to order more then 1 to average out the shipping cost. 44$ each shipped vs next cheapest JW FCV's on ebay for 49$ each shipped.
  14. Quinc

    Custom v8 waveraider
  15. Quinc

    Yamaha Pump seal Spacer/shim

    I think I got this off a waveblaster. I cant find any info on them so figured I would post it. I am guessing it is to help if your pump is not sealing/not close enough to the shoe.
  16. Quinc

    TnT Blaster mod chamber

    Used this in my b.o.b for a season before switching to a V2. Has less than a gallon of oil through it. Lower 48 shipping only. $650+ shipping
  17. Quinc

    Metal Shipping Crate

    Trade for 3 A-hooks and 2 Superjet gas tank straps. Or just come and get it. Big enough to hold a Reaper. Located in NorCal.
  18. Quinc

    Krash Reaper Build!

    After riding all of the new hulls with seats over the last few years, MX1, Viper, rockered/chopped blaster, and the Reaper I fell in love with the Reaper. And picked up a new hull at a good price with some paint issues. I haven't been able to find any builds or very much info on building out a...
  19. Quinc

    Removing shaft from solas 144 mag pump

    Same as a stock pump? Pushes out the tail cone side?
  20. Quinc

    4th of July sales!

    Ski or non-ski related?
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