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  1. stefan

    Trim system Old School xs

    For sale Oem 155 mm exit nozzel bored too 90 mm deweined Steering nozzel from thrust innovation bored too 94 mm Xs trim ring moded too run flowguard Xs trim lever Xs trim cabel Cabel holder for trim Everything moded too run flowguard, rubber flowguard comes with it. And 2 extras Nozzels...
  2. stefan

    RRP chamber on PFP mani ???

    Has anyone ever done this ? or is it even possibel
  3. stefan

    Hull Maxx hull with new paint and dvx holds NEW PRICE AGAIN 1000USD

    Selling a maxx hull has fresh paint, has not been assembel after paint. Has xs dvx footholds with 25 mm padding 155 mm pumpshoe Versi R drain plug Drive shaft included 2 ride plates long and short Will include midshaft (not housing) hull weight 36 kg (80 lbs) with hood turf pumpshoe etc etc...
  4. stefan

    Freeriders att UFC embedded

    Ufc fighter Kevin seems too like stand up skies att 4.36
  5. stefan

    Used ATP 48s carbs

    Selling a pair off ATP carbs annular discharge same as black jack new xs carbs, was ran on ET 1100 comes with atp throttel whell and billet carb linkage. Jetting is 120l 135h 2.5 ns 95 spring intern pumps also included 550 usd SHIPPEDE too the us will take paypal
  6. stefan

    Used New xs trim 850 usd incl ship SOLD

    Used 4 hours price incl ship 850 usd
  7. stefan

    MSD TL issue

    Soo have some problems with my TL, it started too run bad got worse and finaly ski Will not starte. Pullede out off the ski did a bench and it was good, 1 ignition wire hade come loose from the spark plug clamp. Fixede both ignition wires and mountede everything too a xs total loss plate, puth...
  8. stefan

    Deveined exit nozzel

    any one did this and was ther any benifits ???
  9. stefan

    Used Custom Blaster

    Waveblaster rockered custom- -xscream 900ss engine epoxy filled and ported by xscream -2x 46 carb brand new -PFP Pipe -PFP waterbox -Hot product airfilter -Thrustinnovation trim complete -Thrustinnovation nozzle -Custom Carter b front and rear -Carbon rideplate -148 maxx complete pump -10/16...
  10. stefan

    Freestyle XS trim ring

    Looking for one anyone ???
  11. stefan

    RRP rear tank size ???

    Any one got the size off a RRP rear tank ??? Width x highede x deepede
  12. stefan

    New engine ???

    found this on the tube
  13. stefan

    Freestyle New hull

    Saw this on FB
  14. stefan

    Freestyle Pop off question

    soo checked my pop off the orther day and both carbs was att 21 psi, whitch was fine but one carb only droppede 5 psi before resealing the orther 15. Tryede a couple off times with gas and also WD40 same result, does this have and effect on engine performance ?
  15. stefan

    New Engine

    from Krash ind
  16. stefan

    V wake crash

    keep your eyes open
  17. stefan

    Freestyle WTF crank ???

    Can someone elaberate on what happen here ? Ski have not been put away with water in it
  18. stefan

    SX/SXi/SXi Pro New Kawasaki sxr

  19. stefan

    Freestyle Twin pipe freestyle

    Saw this on hurricanes Instagram seemes interesting.
  20. stefan

    Freestyle Lee stone instuction video

    Some freestyle tips from the champ
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