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  1. Yami-Rider

    Crank bearing chatter

    Looks like the front crank bearing/flywheel side has been wiggling back and forth. Bearing still feels smooth, engines was still running when pulled apart. Motor had a lot of time on it, was going to replace the crank anyways, wondering if I put bearing loctite would stop it from wiggling? Or...
  2. Yami-Rider

    Freestyle Impeller tuning/pitch

    Sent my impeller off to impros, skat 7/14, measured out in my torrent gauge to 10/14. I asked for it to be repitched to a 6/12, got it back and now it measured out to be 9/12, impros told me it is a 6/12, so maybe I'm missing something? .. Leading edge lined up with 9 Trying to line up...
  3. Yami-Rider

    SOLD 148 duct shoe

    SOLD Have a clean used 148mm duct shoe $150 new, asking $80
  4. Yami-Rider

    SOLD MSD water injection stuff

    Sold 2 MSD and a micro touch with some valving, idk the history of these parts or if any of it works. $50 shipped.
  5. Yami-Rider

    SOLD R&D M16 Billet Reeds

    Sold Will need new reed pedals, but still available from jetworks and boyesen. $50 shipped
  6. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Yamaha 781 engine

    Sold Selling a 781 flat top engine I got with a SJ I bought. Dont know the history on it or who built it. Will need rebuilt The good Cases are epoxy/ported/fly cut for big bore sleeves Case threads are all good Cylinder has big bore sleeves Cylinder is fully ported/transfers/exhaust R&D 85.5...
  7. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Solas 148 mag pump

    Sold Selling my Solas 148, been a great pump, upgraded to a bigger engine/155 pump. JM heavy duty 96-07 SJ driveshaft. OEM bearings/seals Pump is set up for triple cooling, but can plug any hole not needed with a pipe plug. Impeller: skat cutback 5mm 9/15. Total cost new $1800 Asking $1000...
  8. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Skat 140 Mag Pump

    Sold Used Skat Magnum 140 pump in decent condition. Retail $3054 new. It had some corrosion here and there on the aluminum housing, I sand blasted it, painted it black/clear. Has new Japanese bearings/seals Drive shaft splines are good Shaft is a HD non tapered Prop is a skat 10.5/20 Asking...
  9. Yami-Rider

    SOLD MSD Total Loss

    SOLD Complete MSD TL MINUS the flywheel. It is a used kit I just completely rewired(I've done many of them), has brand new OEM seadoo solenoid. All three channel work, I'll post a video later of me bench testing for spark. I still plan to clean up/correctly route the pickup plate wiring. Has a...
  10. Yami-Rider

    Freestyle Jet Pump ears

    Would like to add some front mounting ears to a xs pump, anyone know where I may be able to buy some?
  11. Yami-Rider


    @sj762 fast shipping, great communication, great packaging. A++
  12. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Ada coupler set

    SOLD Have a used ADA coupler set with damper for yamaha 701. Has some wear and tear but still in good usable condition. $50
  13. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Trendsetters Backie Chan 2400

    SOLD Posting for a friend. Fully vaccum bagged reinforced trendsetters backie chan, fiberglass hull/hood. This thing will flip with a 701. Solid hull, ninja adjustable foothold, turf has one season on it. Black gel-coat could use a wet sand and buff. Auto solid state bilge pump. All insert are...
  14. Yami-Rider

    SOLD 144 solas mag

    Sold Selling for a friend. 144 solas mag pump, with 96-07 driveshaft. Bearings feel smooth, came out of a running ski. Vanes have some dents from rock damage, could possibly be straightened and previous owner used a pipe wrench on the driveshaft, so it has some markings. Asking $500
  15. Yami-Rider

    GP 800 Reduction Nozzle 65v 144

    Selling a powder coated 65v reduction nozzle for 144/148 pump. Has been slightly modified here and there, bolt on your trim kit and go. Asking $40 plus s&h
  16. Yami-Rider

    SOLD Complete 62T electronics

    SOLD Complete 62t electronics for 96+ superjet. 650/701/760 base engines OEM Stator MSD enhancer Flywheel OCD COIL OEM harness OEM solenoid OEM regulator Power/starter cables Will include a short ground cable, I ran it from exhaust mani bolt to battery. Electrical box has no corrosion. Pulled...
  17. Yami-Rider

    SOLD JAZ Gas Cap

    Sold sold sold sold New JAZ 6 bolt cap, flanges and mounting hardware, removed from a new tank. Cap kit retails $79 new. Will need a new jaz 6 bolt flange gasket ($6) $45 shipped
  18. Yami-Rider

    Xscream SS 865 Domes

    Got a pair of used SS865 domes for pump gas. Asking $50 shipped for both
  19. Yami-Rider

    CANCELLED 2018 Spring LSFR PORT-A May 4th-6th

    Ride is cancelled. It's that of year again for JetSki fun in the Gulf, if you have never been, it is definitly worth the drive. Camping is allowed, there is outdoor showers on the beach and beach access cost $10 for all year. Come out and ride with the crew, It will be a great time. Event will...
  20. Yami-Rider

    Jetworks Reeds

    I need to replace my Boyesen Rad valve reeds, jetworks makes replacements that they say are better then the original, does anyone have experience with these reeds or other jetworks reeds?
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