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  1. Yami-Rider

    Crank bearing chatter

    It was lined up with the pin and pin is sticker down into the bearing like its suppose too. I think the loctite should fix it.
  2. Yami-Rider

    Where is the best place for a new/remanned crank for Yamaha ski motors

    Competitive crankshaft in cali may be able to rebuild your crank. Here's a brand new oem for 880
  3. Yami-Rider

    Crank bearing chatter

    Looks like the front crank bearing/flywheel side has been wiggling back and forth. Bearing still feels smooth, engines was still running when pulled apart. Motor had a lot of time on it, was going to replace the crank anyways, wondering if I put bearing loctite would stop it from wiggling? Or...
  4. Yami-Rider

    My first AM build. Rickter XFR - Full Carbon

    That's no good. Hit up TC and see if he'll exchange shoes? Assuming you bought the shoe from him.
  5. Yami-Rider

    My first AM build. Rickter XFR - Full Carbon

    @JKMike well if you decide to go that route, I have a brand new JD shoe I would sale, was going to use it on a 165mm tunnel, but was going to take too much grinding to make work, so i used a RRP instead. But like mikesx said, I'd check alignment with pump and see where that gets you.
  6. Yami-Rider

    My first AM build. Rickter XFR - Full Carbon

    Maybe you got a bad shoe? I've never had any alignment issues with the 3 RRP shoes I've installed in different hulls. A jet dynamics wouldnt fit, that tunnel is too small, considering how that rrp is not fitting correctly. Good looking ski.
  7. Yami-Rider

    11th Annual Austin Jet Skier Extravaganza June 8th - June 9th

    Hopefully, still haven't set the date yet.
  8. Yami-Rider


    Matt has had bad luck with them, I've had the best experience all 3 times I used them, super fast and dirt cheap. So I'd assume it depends on your area.
  9. Yami-Rider


    Uship is garbage now, use to be good. Now they try to waaaay over charge. I've had great luck with YRC, but some others havent.
  10. Yami-Rider

    Engine Bolt, Grease or Threadlock?

    Depends on the engine, some of the big bores vibrates them selves apart. I grease everything on my on my main ski(ss900) expect for the trim/nozzle bolts-red loctite there. I dissemble my ski every year for upgrades etc, and check all the bolts, the only ones I see loosen up, are the pole...
  11. Yami-Rider


    Solas never did. I believe skat did at one point. Hub size was bigger then stock.
  12. Yami-Rider

    SOLD 2018 Tigercraft FV-PRO

    Long gone, says "sold" at the top
  13. Yami-Rider

    Is it okay to cut/splice the wires coming from the stator?

    Deutsch connectors ftw!
  14. Yami-Rider

    Tnt v2/3 mani and pipe

    wont fit. Different bolt pattern
  15. Yami-Rider

    WTB 155 skat 6/10 cutback 5mm or similar FOUND

    If you buy new, get a 5/10. We've had good luck with that pitch on that size of engine.
  16. Yami-Rider

    Lightest flatwater hulls list?

    Ultra light usually means cracky crack, or atleast that's been my experience lol, I've fixed a lot of them.. I think most of the new comp hulls are 45-55lbs bare hull/hood
  17. Yami-Rider

    Weight thread

    Stock (7) bedplate bolts/washers 332 grams Grade 5 titanium bolts/washers 168 grams Saving of 164 grams - 5.8oz Flywheel cover stock bolts to titanium 1oz savings Stock handlepole pivot bolt to titanium 14oz saving Solas 148 SS pump to trex fab titanium pump 10lbs savings
  18. Yami-Rider

    Weight thread

    It's easier to throw your body weight around then throw a heavier ski around. I've been getting lighter and lighter skis over the years, it's a huge improvement dropping weight.
  19. Yami-Rider

    1000 cc X scream oil

    Klotz Ski-craft. 40:1
  20. Yami-Rider

    Help save Body Beach

    On April 3rd Arizona state land department close BB, due to recent fire, trash dumping and homeless people camping. Once the city cleans the area up and cut down the heavy brush to prevent future fires the state will reopen, but no set reopen date, BB is remaining open to foot traffic.... So...
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