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    Freestyle OEM 760 Impeller in 155 pump?

    Has anybody run an oem 760 impeller in an oem 155 pump in a freestyle ski. Does it work or is an AM impeller necessary?

    Freestyle Best way to tighten pole???

    What is the best setup to make a pole tight/stiff? Individual bolts with Nylock nuts? Brass washers?

    Gen2 X-2 FW Hull+Pump+Steering

    Guaging market value/interest for my ski as I am getting ready to sell my shortened/widened Speedmagic X2 hull. Steering, driveshaft and Maxx 155 Kawi-pump included. Ski is setup for Yamaha engine. Thinking $7000 including shipping to US?

    Freestyle Steering cable for A/M hull?

    I am looking for a steering cable that is 88" or a bit longer between the clamping points. Any OEM cables come close to that?

    Freestyle Best source for drilled MSD Flywheel?

    Where can I get a lightened MSD flywheel that is reliable and a decent price?

    Freestyle Novi 48mm's vs Thrust/SE/Maxx 50mm's?

    Any body try Thrust, SE, Maxx 50mm carbs? Been lots of claims they are better for a 1200. I do have another use for my Novi's but want to be sure the change is worth it

    Want to Buy RRP EBox Lid

    Does anyone sell the Perspex lid separately for a RRP EBox?

    Freestyle Centre bleed exh, more consistent jetting?

    Based on my experience, not sure if others will find the same Changed exhaust to centre bleed, ski is naturally quieter, the surprise came in on jetting being more consistent between tricks, easier to feel effect of adjusting screws And will prevent backflow up exhaust when floating in the water.

    Freestyle Timing affect on jetting?

    DASA1200 - MSD TL How much does timing affect jetting? At 28deg, LS screw is at 3/4 and low to mid is still rich. At 30deg, LS screw is at 1.5, and is smoother/cleaner, power about the same. Is this normal or is the 30deg detonating and using the extra fuel?
  10. CARBONX2

    Freestyle 180 slide to flip - trim vs no trim?

    Preferences and why? Trim cable broke a while ago and waiting on parcel with TI trim system in it. I'm managing to do clean flips with no trim, does that mean my technique is good?
  11. CARBONX2

    Freestyle Mold of inside of FP Manifold

    Was curious, so took a mold of inside of FP front-facing manifold. Tubes are basically same size until they meet, would expect them to taper up. Definitely holding 1200's back
  12. x2mafia

    SXR SXR Wetpipe wanted

    Blowsion has them in stock
  13. CARBONX2

    SXR Wetpipe wanted

    Looking for a SXR wetpipe for a friend, let me know what you have
  14. CARBONX2

    Big Li batteries shred starters

    I went with 24-cell AG to be sure I would have plenty of juice. This is what it does to oem and generic starters within a month, armature tries to go through front cover, bends washers, which in turn short out the windings
  15. CARBONX2

    Freestyle 2nd snapped Skat pumpshaft

    Anyone else snapped Skat Kawi pumpshafts? 13 months since the last one snapped
  16. CARBONX2

    Freestyle Any way to predict prop pitch based on nozzle sizes?

    My ski with a DASA 1200 and Maxx 155 pump and 8/16 impeller gets more height with 86mm nozzle than a 90mm nozzle, and still revs out easily. You can hear it slipping a lot with the 90mm. The impeller is good, with 0.3mm clearance. Is there a way to predict what pitch to run with 90mm based on...
  17. CARBONX2

    Freestyle Best exhaust for DASA 1200???

    With a few exhausts available now, which works best with a DASA 1200?
  18. CARBONX2

    Freestyle Spacing Impeller???

    What does spacing the impeller do on a flatwater ski? Simulate reduced leading edge pitch?
  19. CARBONX2

    Custom/Hybrid MSD TL Timing Question

    Does the Max Timing Retard switches have any effect when checking timing by hand? I move the switches from 0 to -7 and there is now effect.
  20. CARBONX2

    Freestyle Kawi SB Pumpshaft

    Where can I get a pumpshaft for a Kawi sb pump? Snapped mine of behind the threads.
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