1. aj91799

    Jetmaniac Motor!!

    Looking for a used jetmaniac motor for my ski! Preferably a 61x/62t 718 or 735 but send anything you have! I would love to buy a new one but don’t have a huge budget Thanks!
  2. CJSHAW636

    (Sold) 15’ AirBlair Dart 735 Jetmaniac

    Selling my 2015 Airblair dart because I don’t have time to ride it enough anymore. Ski runs great and is a rock solid free ride ski. With trim this could easily be a V-wake backflip ski. Would consider a RN SJ as partial trade. Not interested in other trades. - 15’ AirBlair dart glass hull -...
  3. Ross

    JetManiac continues to raise the bar

    I have ordered a lot from Jetmaniac over the years (more than I’d like to admit to my girlfriend), but recently I have ordered almost every week as I’m building up my ski again. I can’t say enough positive things about the guy. He always has what I need in stock and he always makes time to help...
  4. stevenschneider

    Custom/Hybrid PRICE DROP 2013 Visual Carbon Backie Chan

    Very upset to see this go, but I'd rather it go to someone who'll put it to use rather than have it sitting. Moved away for school and haven't been able to ride in over 2 years, so its time to find a new home. 2013/14 Trendsetterz Visual Carbon Backiechan. My first build started from a 94’ Fx1...
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