Blaster 155mm PUMP IN A BLASTER 1?

Sep 15, 2019
Lower Burrell Pa 15068
The 155mm needs a good head of water to supply the big pump, just tapering a 144mm shoe will not cut it.
The 155mm shoe is physically bigger than the 144, it won't just sit in the hull where the 144 shoe use to sit.
We had to cut out the complete pump tunnel including the recessed lip where the 144 shoe sits, mould a new, larger recess. Now a B2 shoe will fit in, but it sits way too high out of the hull & is just the wrong shape.
We had to custom make a shoe to fit.
The pump & impeller housing physically sits higher out from the bottom of the hull, so we had to machine 2mm off some of the raised flanges & machine 2mm into the ride plate to get clearance.
The 155 complete pump assembly is about 25mm longer than a 144 assembly, so you need to make extensions for the steering, trim cables to reach the steering nozzle.
The pump tunnel needs to be dramatically wider & longer to supply the water volume required by the 155 pump.
We had to make a custom intake grate to fit the new pump tunnel.
Unfortunately, if you want the 155 pump to perform like a 155mm pump, theres no shortcuts, you have to do all these mods which take ages.
I'm installing one of Carter B 155 tunnel and buying a custom 155 pump. The steering cable looks like there's enough thread to reach the steering nozzle. How's yours run?
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