Used 1990 Custom superjet

Aug 24, 2014
Selling my custom 1990 squarenose superjet. It runs really well, no issues with it, I just don't have the time to use it anymore. Only thing it could use is a paintjob, but I never cared because its built more for performance than anything. The hull was built by @BruceSki, which thank you for all the help you gave me on this build. It was a lot of fun to use it while I could. When I get a chance I will clean it up a bit more, its been sitting in the garage over the winter. Most of these parts were from Jetmaniac, and the electronics are all OCD solutions'. Need to talk to my brother, but the wb1 might be going as well. Could be a potential combo deal with trailer. The build is basically the exact same. Ill update this when I do.

Looking for $4300 obo, I can ship if you pay for shipping.. or deliver if you pay for gas and then some depending on distance (would drive 4 hours one way)

701 engine, with 61x top and 62t bottom
Ada racing head 35cc domes
new steering cable
Thrust finger throttle lever
Cold Fusion steering with aftermarket steering bar and grips
dual 38 carbs, (135 highs, 75 pilots, 2.0 n/s and 90 gram spring)
oil pump blockoff
B-pipe exhaust
MSD enhancer
jetworks flow control valve
Impros HOOKER Freeride Impeller 9/15
roundnose steering pole
roundnose waterbox
aftermarket air filters on the carbs
lightened flywheel
d-cut rideplate
jet dynamics intake grate
blowsion chinpad
an aftermarket pole spring
Bilge with brand new wiring, new spark plug connections, and battery cables. All of the eletronics are built for the surf

The hull:
Shortened 5 inches
Pole bracket moved up 8 inches
Reinforced front and rear
Bob footholds
18mm underpad and clean turf
Lowered hood
Hood strap/hood latch/hood hooks

IMG_20190630_170950.jpg IMG_20190630_171334.jpg IMG_20190630_171028.jpg IMG_20190630_171001.jpg IMG_20190630_171518.jpg IMG_20190630_171056.jpg


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Nov 6, 2007
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I took a bit of inspiration from this build. Good luck on the sale, its a good paint job away from being a baller ski.
It’s funny I got lost reading through your build thread the other day, we’ve come full circle haha. That ski came out great!

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Aug 24, 2014
I took a bit of inspiration from this build. Good luck on the sale, its a good paint job away from being a baller ski.
Yeah it could use a paint job. If it doesn't sell quickly I'll prob end up trying my hand at painting it..

It was a great ride til I snapped my wrist in half on it! Fun ski

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This was the shot that sold me on buying that hull from you. Amazing stuff, and u saying u took it straight into the bottom a few times with it coming out unscathed.
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