2009 Yamaha Superjet NY

Jul 6, 2017
Hey everyone.
2009 Yamaha Superjet. Purchased in spring of 2017 completely stock and it great shape. Added many modifications over last winter including:

-Worx dominator ride plate
-Worx intake grate
-Impros hooker 9/15 impeller
-Thrust Innovations steering system
-RRP straight 1-1/8” 0 deg handlebars
-Blowsion throttle lever
-Handlebar mounted bilge pump switch that controls two 500GPH Rule bilge pumps
-Jettrim pro mat kit with pro watercraft rear tray lifter - used for season, in perfect condition
-high quality vinyl wrap by Melo Designs - If bought for asking price I will include a FREE entirely custom high quality wrap. Motocross quality vinyl that is extremely durable.

-Blowsion girdled head kit with 37cc domes allowing for safe pump gas use on 170psi of compression
-Factory B pipe with limited chamber
-Pump has been tapped for dual cooling as well as the manifold for a more even distribution of cooling water
-OEM Yamaha flame arrestor (not pictured)
-OEM Mikuni hi/low speed thumb adjustment screws on the carbs
-MSD ignition enhancer
-Fresh fuel filters/lines etc

There are many other extra bits and pieces that were needed for this build. Ski runs very well and is nice and crisp throughout the whole rpm range. Tuned using a tiny tach which can be included. Ski is ready to rip - came across another project that I would like to jump on.

PRICE - $6300 with FREE high quality wrap ($400 value)

Located near Saratoga, NY. Never crated/shipped a ski however if organized by buyer I will build a crate/deliver to shipping company if local. Feel free to reach me by text at FiveOneEight-926-8939


Jul 6, 2017
Bump. Looking to build a free ride/freestyle ski next year. Interested in trades with cash on my end depending on how complete the ski is. Doesn't need to be a complete ski - hull only with a few parts or partially complete.
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