2015 Carbon Competition Phantom $5500

Mar 23, 2016
Charlotte, NC
Selling my carbon competition Phantom. I bought this hull from Andy, the original owner last year. It's super light, the hull came in at 46lbs! I wrapped it in 3M Fierce Fuschia vinyl last winter. It's not perfect, but looks good and it's easy to patch scratches. Fresh turf job too, although I'll probably pull out the heel locks and replace with standard wedges before the sale. No foam, open tray, 2 X Metal scuppers, 3 cooling lines. 155 pump shoe, bow eye, hood strap and +2" intake grate included. Willing to meet a u-ship driver, but I don't want to crate it. $5500.

1FE9FB88-0599-4995-B70C-C27E7D72AE0F.jpeg 57F77127-1540-4E02-9AD7-318C8F207E7D.jpeg 116B9B00-177E-4D9E-9B20-24A5B0265980.jpeg
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