2016 DJR Rickter xfs 1100cc

Sep 7, 2014
For sale my personal ski 2016 Rickter Xfs that was built by Dan j rowan (DJR) With the best parts and the best quality with a very nice power.

Hull and steering:
-2016 fiberglass Rickter xfs in blue
-Lightweight blue ninja RRP handelpole
-Lightweight blue ninja carbon chinpad
-RRP blue steering system and bars
-RRP blue finger lever
-Thrust black trim lever

Engine and powertrain
-2016 custom Dasa 1100cc with black cases and cylinder and blue head and powervalves with custom ingraving (my name) running on pump gas
-RRP Carbon exhaust
-RRP waterbox
-MSD Total loss system
-MSD flywheel
- Dasa blue manifold with complete dasa 48 carbs
- Blowsion flame arrestors in blue
-Thrust 8 liters gas tank

-160mm custom maxx pump with custom impeller
-complete Thrust trim system

it was built with the best parts which i didnt mention all and i will post a picture with all the exact parts that i did not mention.

The ski was used 4 times only (2 times in fresh water and 2 times in salt water)

The ski was used for less than 6 hours and the ski has a very good power with a capability of doing 6-7 backflips , 180's , 360's , barrel rolls etc..

The ski is in immaculate condition with no scratches on the hull or any problem with an even motor compression on both sides.

It was built by the best and it was built with all the small details.

Price: 18000$ + shipping.
Ski is located in kuwait and it can be shipped worldwide.
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