2017 Wave Rave

Sep 7, 2011
Downers Grove
I'll be up in ludington but I was going to come down to claybanks to launch if there was someone else riding. I've never rode lake michigan before. I usually ride hamlin lake. I am free anytime Monday through Wednesday.
After reading up about claybanks I'm not sure how I would launch there if it's a carry down location. I don't have a beach cart. How's the parking there? I'm going to be towing the ski on a 16' boat trailer.
Aug 16, 2011
Hermosa Beach, CA
Drop the trailer in at the launch. Creek can be shallow. Probably have to walk your ski out or idle out in waist deep water. Lots of kids swimming and tubers i n the creek. Once you get out to the big lake, head left and look for all the stand ups on the beach a ways down. Can't miss it!

Just read you are there Monday- Wednesday. We usually showed up Wednesday and there is usually @XFT LOU and @blaster800 and their groups are there by then too. @schicks when you guys going up
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Feb 19, 2010
thumb, mich again
As of right now it's calling for rain on the weekend. So basically saying maybe wind and storms- saying Sunday may have some west winds. Still a little ways out to lock in predictions. Chances are mainly flat to be expected.

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