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Jul 29, 2008
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First off, my situation:
I don’t need to sell this ski but unfortunately I don’t use it very often and it’s a lot of money to just look pretty in the garage. I’m currently recovering from rotator cuff tear, laberal tear, and stretched nerve. The soonest I could ride is end of April but even then with the surf boat I hardly ride. I bought this ski from Tigercraft and got it beginning of August. Since then I rode 5 times (one of which the trim cable broke in the first 5 minutes). This ski is the perfect setup and I’d love to hang out to it but I can’t justify it anymore.

The ski:
Built by P&P for the 2018 Daytona Freeride, using all new parts. The hull is the last design before the current one (this is the same version as the one Taylor Kress was riding for finals). No cracks, damage, or repairs, other than small crack on chin pad. Engine is the TPE 1200 on total loss, powerfactory double o ring pipe, with Full Spec 50 carbs. Ski runs 50/50 pump/race fuel. 155 Skat pump, Jazz 2 gallon fuel cell, aura lightweight billet pole, thrust steering, etc

Since I’ve owned it, I replaced antigravity battery for a new sealed unit and bought a back up (included). Added OCD single pole quick disconnect battery cables. Replaced Trim cable. Replaced exhaust coupler. New ODI xtreme lock on grips. Installed the fs 50s.

Additional items that can be included:
Roughly 50 gallons of 112 race fuel
Brand new ez ski hitch hauler

Price and location:
22k firm
Located in Azle, TX. Will crate and ship. The crate it came in is still built. Buyer is to arrange shipping.

Will not part out unless Long block sold first.

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