4 ski hauler build.

May 22, 2017
SW Tenn
I got this trailer for free in a trade. It's an old pontoon trailer and is super beefy and quite long. Ever since I got it I have been kicking around the idea of getting all of my skis on this one trailer. After a little bit of work at a welding shop at an arguably unfair price I got it taken care of. I still need to get some longer bunks for the second row stand-up carrier section and it needs to be painted but the layout is exactly what I was wanting. I also need to do something with the Jack since there's not much room for it anymore.

Additionally I have room for 30 gallons of fuel on the carrier they built for me.

20190711_090310.jpg 20190711_085726.jpg 20190711_085750.jpg 20190711_085713_HDR.jpg 20190711_085721_HDR.jpg 20190711_090247.jpg 20190711_090306.jpg 20190711_090236.jpg
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