Broken driveshaft


Thinking about shredding
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Jun 8, 2008
oem shafts are built in 3 pieces and right by the threads is one place its put together and they do break there. I've taken the tail cone off and welded a big nut to the back end to hold the shaft and get the prop off.
You were probably just referring to std 90-07 SJ shafts. OEM 90-07 SJ and FX1 tapered shafts and also some couch shafts with the hardened splines are from 3 pieces and have 2 welds, but nontapered 08-up SJ, blaster, and most couch shafts are made from 2 pieces and just have the 1 weld in from of the prop threads..

Beats me. I got the pump /shaft from Dag used.
Might send it all off to jetmaniac for prop removal and new bearings.
That is a nontapered shaft so if in a SJ 90-07 length setup, it is a cut and welded or resplined shaft, but no mods would have been done in the sheared area. I have seen many SJ tapered shafts break there, but do not remember a nontapered one breaking there.
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