Cold Water SXR 800 carbs

Dec 6, 2017
St. Louis
Learnt something about my jet ski. The last two times out has been cold water (mid 40s and air in the mid 60s). I developed a real bad hesitation when letting off and reapplying throttle. I thought I might have to rebuild carbs and fuel pump. I richened up high and low speed screws 1/8 of a turn. That fixed it. It was great today (43F air and water). I might have been a little lean all along. I switched from 60:1 to 43:1 and the carbs still had there stock settings. Summer was fine.

Big Kahuna

Jan 14, 2006
Tuscaloosa, AL
Its not the cold water. It is the colder air that is making a difference. There are builders that live farther north that test and tune year round. They can explain it much better than I can. I know P&P is always getting ski's ready for Daytona and riding all up through December/Early January getting customers ski's ready for Daytona Freeride. He is one of the best builders and tuners around.
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