Daytona motosurf freeride pics and vids 6-14-06

Jan 14, 2006
Newport Beach, CA
Shmuckboy said:
Seriously.......can we put something like this together on the left coast?!
We already have rides like this on the left coast schmuck....only we weren't smart enough to parlay the donations into auction items to raise money for worthy causes (must have been the zeal to ride, and then get bombed out of our gourds at the end of the day...and go play in the dunes).

It's called Pismo Beach.

We usually do this in August, though I'm lobbying to move in into wintertime as the surf is bigger and the weather is (believe it or not) much nicer on the central coast from Thanksgivine until about April.

Drop me a PM if you need info....

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