EME Q8 Sky ready to run $7,500

Jun 28, 2008
manchester TN
I have had this ski since late 2012. It has always been meticulously cleaned and kept inside of a climate controlled garage. The ski has a low hour WetJet 61x/61x motor with 160psi even. It also has the Wescoast intake and 46mm Mikuni carb (freshly rebuilt Sept 2018) and stock 62t electronics. listed below is other components of the ski.

-5 x metal pole
SKAT TRAK Kawi 144mm set back mag pump with stainless impeller (not sure of pitch i've never had it out)
SKAT trim system
stock SJ waterbox
Factory limited pipe.
scoop grate.
single 500gph bilge pump
RHAAS motor mounts
2 gallon JAZ fuel tank
Foot holds, but not sure what exact style they are.

Im sure im missing several things, but if you have any questions or want to see more pictures of something feel free to shoot me a PM and ill get back to you asap. Thanks


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