Is 2020 Really the Last Year of the Superjet? A call to Action.


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Jul 23, 2012
So Utah

Want to hear your thoughts on how we can mobilize this community. I always hear people saying they want the ski races and events to be as big as Supercross. But how? This sport has potential, but without supporting the big manufacturers to pump money and advertising, we'll continue to see dwindling attendance. Just look at photos from World Finals in the 90s - packed stands! As a business owner, I'm also all for supporting aftermarket hull manufacturers. This forum is a case-in-point that the freestyle community cares.

Is 2020 the last year of the beloved two-stroke Yamaha SuperJet? Yamaha is offering the 2020 Superjet, same as the 2019, for a small increase in MSRP.
It is no longer available in Australia due to more stringent emissions laws. The USA is probably next. Life without a Superjet is a sad life ya'll! Two-strokes are going away, embrace the future of four-strokes (or other tech?), or there won’t be one.

We all want this sport to grow. None of that is possible without our support. Which hand fills up first? One with hopes and dreams or one with…well, you probably know how that old saying goes.

Join me in sharing your passion for the stand ups, and the continued production of a modern mighty Superjet!
I say – what can it hurt?
world finals in the 90's didnt have an ass of a joke of a director. scott frazier has done more than any single person to hurt jet ski racing. he's pissed off more people than you can imagine. body beach had more skis than were racing, because people love racing, and people love jet skis, but people don't love racing jet skis under scott frazier's control. womens STOCK runabout had an AFTERMARKET hull win. wtf?!?!?!?!?

the biggest thing with skis is they only get to be used half the year, more like 1/3, unless you're in florida. dirtbikes are 3/4 of the year and cost the same.
kawasaki coming out with the sxr1500 is great. but it turned off a lot of people with the dry weight of 550 lbs and the offroad fender flares. I can afford one easy, but hell to the naw will you see me riding one. working on it? takes 3 people to pull it off the trailer. my triples weight 370 lbs. 2/3 of the new ski.

a new SJ needs to be not a BEHEMOTH, hopefully 8 inches longer and 2-3 inches wider, and use the new tr-1 engine. but then it's at a really bad disadvantage to competing against the sxr1500 with 1.5x the CC and 1.5-ish the horsepower.

/end rant
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