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Jul 2, 2015
Rancho cucamunga CA
Hey guys it’s been a little bit since Krash has started offering their complete RTR packages. With the price of am skis through the roof I’ve been considering some of their models. Have any of you guys purchased one and if so, how are you liking it, how’s it holding up etc. thanks for any input!

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Nov 1, 2011
Cape Town
I bought a 50CAL surf hull and pump, dropped in my DASA900, etc I also have a -4 SF carbon badass TPE1100 and a Rickter FR1 have a diverse opinion on some AM options.. in short my best ride ever is the SFreak, FW and any surf condition, the hull is bomb proof and unbelievably predictable., stable, it can do anything. Building it right takes patience and time, but its extremely rewarding to ride it.

The rickter is best build quality, easy to build it, parts just plug in...its a heavy ski...also indestructable but actually not that exciting to ride when compared to the SF and the 50CAL, but way better than a RN.

The 50 CAL looks amazing, fantastic lines, huge wide tray but there was quite a bit to "fix" and mod to get it riding the way i like to. The one standout ride feature which can also be a biatch at the wrong its ability to turn on a dime, ultra fast...thanks to the wide built in tubbies....but compared to my Freak..the 50CAL can spin out if your weight is too far forward when riding decent surf, whilst the Freak never does. They both ride very flat, but the 50CAL sinks quite deep in the rear on tricks, etc, so recovery not as poppy as the Freak (but could be 1100 vs 900 aspect)

My only lasting issue on the Krash is the aluminium RTR has no wear ring ...reminds me of the old kawa440......I probably chuck it soon and go 148 H2O SS set back model...same as I have on the SFreak....great pump
Apr 23, 2010
I got one of the first stage 1 surf hulls while they were still offered and ride mostly surf. (810cc 5mil 144 mag) Have ridden a few am hulls and modded sj. This hull fits my riding stile very well. It turns on a dime but is stable at speed. Have darted it a couple times with no damage. The tray is nice and wide and all of my buddies instantly get on and start ripping. That said the build quality could be better. The hood needs alot of manipulation to set up correctly and get a proper seal. The scupper, as with all scuppers, leaks and has been sealed shut from day one. The paint is thin and graphics are not applied that well.

Would i buy another, yes. Without a doubt, i love the way this ski rides and so do most of my buddies.
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