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Jan 8, 2007
June 29th update.
Shoulder seems to be doing great at this point.l still don't lift anything too heavy with it.Been back training with my girl at her gym.Per the PT,l don't do any overhead yet with weights with my shoulder.But l am allowed to do bicep,triceps,and deltoids.As well as legs,back and core.l feel like the plant based diet l have been on has helped speed my recovery time because of all the healthy foods that l do eat.And from researching this appears to be correct.You can't be my age (61) eating crap foods and come back from injuries this quick.Insert atta-boy....
Since it started getting hot here,the smell of two stroke oil is like an aphrodisiac! I started up the 735 in the surf ski and it was almost overwhelming! ;) Now that the Circus is almost done,I'm really over being stranded on shore! But l have been able to ride my bicycle more and will get out and start riding pretty soon. @Joe Dart and @hornedogg79 Lets ride!
Overhead pulley was prescribed by my doc, this an option for you? I swear it was the single biggest benefit to my recovery.


Training 'em right
Jan 14, 2007
South Florida
20 years out on one shoulder surgery and 12 on another. I still warm up really good with my pt exercises on cables before I do anything else with my shoulders in the gym.


Jun 23, 2009
NE Tenn
That's a good idea on warming up the shoulders Shane.
Had a meeting with my PT on Monday.He said l was doing great and turned my loose on working out with more weight and now able to do chest and back (already been doing lite weight on triceps,biceps,legs,core).l asked him when l could start riding again and he just shook his head no.. Not happy about it,but it would suck to loose 6 months of rehab and l don't want to go thru all that again.
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