Magnum Pump SuperJet/Blaster

Mar 8, 2010
Pismo Beach, CA
Skat Trac Magnum Pump, 140mm, 12 vein, set back (extended drive shaft), 12/17 impeller. Skat Trac modified/welded/reinforced vein section. IJSBA rulebook used to say pump housing and wear ring had to be OEM, which this is. Wear ring OEM outside housing is cracked (see pictures). Skat Trac can repair. To install on Blaster 1, I believe you will need a different drive shaft. Includes second pump tail cone. Yours for only $600 plus buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. 1.10.JPG 2.00.JPG 3.00.JPG 4.00 .JPG 5.00 .JPG 6.00 .JPG 7.00 .JPG 8.00.JPG 9.00 .JPG 10.00 Cone.JPG
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