Freestyle Maxx Overhaul! ft. ET1107

May 15, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
Hey guys, you might remember my initial build back last year from this thread:

But now, its Yellow!


In the last year I did a total 9.8 hours on the hull. Pretty poor, i know. Long story short, I sold my TPE to move on to something different. Fun fact, you might have seen this photo floating around the internet:

Screenshot 2017-06-05 11.37.21.png

Yeah, that's got my old TPE in it. The bloke who bought it off me lost it for a week or so on the Gold Coast on the ocean floor. He did retrieve it (25 meters down) although i think its mostly a write off.

Anyway, i have chosen to jump ship and give the ET1107 a crack. My ET arrived in Australia about 2 days ago and i thought i would share the new buildup since the ski as it sits right now is essentially bare again. Upon first inspection, the engine is a piece of art. Very nice finish, very visually appealing.


From last time i wrote on here, i have not installed ATP TS2 TL. I sheared my 62T flywheel in half in the 964 so i decided to go TL. Dad and i instantly got cracking in the shed (we are impatient) and bolted the TNT v2 mani on and installed all front cover hardware.


We have both Full Spec 49's and MAXX 50's to try on the engine. Right now we decided to try the Full Spec 49's first. How good does it look!


This photo is as of today and how it sits.

I cannot thank @E-Tech for his service and he is very helpful. I cant wait to get this bad boy on the water.

The build up this time will entail things like review/installation of 701 IND 155mm Trim, Review of ET1107 and a little bit of a tray mod.


May 15, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
So, just finished up the Tray.

If you didnt know:
- The MAXX Hull = Flawless
- The MAXX Tray = below par for anyone with a foot bigger than size 8

I started by glassing in a wedge style foothold almost like a cross between a ninja and non-ninja rickter foothold. I trimmed it up and put a layer of carbon over the top and this was the result (my first ever time fibreglassing)


I started the turf job and it was my first ever turf job using TRACTION SUPPLY CO turf, and im impressed. very easy to work with. I finished it off with flat pad on the sides and a whole lot of Sikaflex in the joins (yeah, I'm not a turfing god, I just get the job done)


In my defense, it was not an easy turf job. The tray has a 100mm block at the back and drops in pretty steep to try and aid in my foot not sliding out.


I'm yet to clean all the edges up, but for now, it will be right.

I'm trying to do stuff on the ski every couple of days for a couple of hours, I'll try and keep you posted!
May 15, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
What's with the rubber tube on your exhaust outlet?
It keeps the hull clean hahaha white hulls suck

What made you choose Traction Supply over Hydro Turf? It's not like they're cheaper, unless maybe you know someone there.
It's significantly cheaper. The kits are awesome. The quality is awesome. It's good to work with. Why not!
Jan 20, 2018
Hello sorry to disturb you
I am French I have a similarly package
ET 1107
TL msd
49 spectrum 125 140 2,5

Is not correct for me
What you’re setup carbs ? Thanks
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