Other Milwaukee M18 - 8 Tool kit with 3 batteries for $599


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Apr 29, 2016
Malvern pa
I just made the switch to Milwaukee. Got the 1/2” high torque impact, fuel drill, fuel 1/4 impact, fuel grinder, wet dry vac and 3x5.0 batteries. Also grabbed 10 new (open box) 2.0 batteries on eBay for like $160! Love everything so far.
Anyone tried the m12 soldering iron or m12 3/8” ratchet? I think those are next on my list followed by the string trimmer and circular saw.


Jun 23, 2009
NE Tenn
I have the m12 3/8” drive ratchet.Use it for work.lt has its limitations,but for what l use it for,it’s perfect.Light and medium duty

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Sep 19, 2006
Savannah, GA
Most of our sites and contractors use Milwaukee so I get to demo quite a few tools before I buy them.

I tried both the M18 portable heat gun and M12 soldering iron at one of our facilities. The mill has to repair damaged cable ends all the time and so they put together a nice little kit that doesn’t require a hot work permit to utilize. We manufacture wood so all flame sources are managed very tightly to prevent fires.

Both are battery hogs but very handy if you need a portable option. Having really good corded versions of each, I wouldn’t have bothered with either but I found the heat gun for a really good deal so I jumped on it and find I use it way more than I ever thought I would.

I have a couple of the Weller Portasol butane soldering irons for portable work that work really well and the M12 version is as good or better than them. I would much rather pack a spare battery than butane any day. If I used one more than once every 6 years, I’d have one of the M12’s.
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