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Dec 12, 2018
The pictures are of a bilge pump I recently bought for my 2004 SJ. I am not sure where to put it (preferably in the back and standing upright) and what to use for it to stay stationary. Please note that I do not want to make any holes in the ski and would rather use something else. The area circled in red is where I would like to place the pump. Thanks!


Jun 25, 2009
Coeur D' Alene, ID
My suggestion is to get a rule 500 and do it right the first time. Mount it right next to the midshaft and notch the midshaft plastic protector to fit over it and help keep the pump in place.

As for not drilling a hole for a through-hull fitting, how exactly do you expect to get the water out of the hull??

If that is a scupper tube in the rear of the ski I guess you could plug it with a fitting and fit the pumps hose right to it so you just pump water out the scupper tube?

Mike W

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Jan 16, 2006
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Like what was already mentioned, I would replace that pump with a Rule pump. A lot of guys just epoxy the pump to the bottom of the hull but mounting it with a midshaft bracket is the way to go IMO. You are going to have to drill a hole in your top deck just in front of the bulkhead. As far as the switch, you can install a rotary switch next to the choke or mount a switch to your handle pole. If you want to take it even further for a clean install, get a tidy bilge harness so you don’t have wires running all over the place.

Jetmaniac has everything you will need.

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Big Kahuna

Jan 14, 2006
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I had a buddy do this who also had a leaky fuel tank. Turned his tray into a slimely slippery mess. Make sure your engine bay is/stays clean if you go this route.
My last SJ came with holes drilled near the tray, use the 45 degree outlets so hopefully most of the water shot out the side. But yeah, that would be a mess.

Just drill a hole in the side, But do it up high, not down low like I did once.
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