Negative Feedback For "Seth33"

Oct 10, 2015
Negative Feedback For "Seth33"

I purchased a WDK RIP from "Seth33" and it was not as described.

Before purchasing I specifically asked, quote "No cracks or any other damage? Especially around the pole mount area - I've ripped a few poles off in the past"

He responded, quote "Small knick or so around hood and back corner it is a used ski not brand new nothing that will weaken hull or cracks in gel coat"

When I received the ski, I was dismayed to find that there were stress cracks and hairlines all around the pole bracket, 2 of which measure 4"-5" in length, extending towards the engine compartment. There was also a full-through crack on the hood, about 3" in length. None of this was noted by Seth33 in the ad or during our PM conversations.

When bringing this to his attention and sending pictures, he said quote "in pictures just looked like some scuffs in gel coat".

Upon receiving that response I sent some more pictures, again trying to showcase the areas of issue in more detail and notifying him that scuffs would not catch your fingernail on them.

I asked him to help make things right and he refused, after which I then asked for a small amount to compensate for my time repairing/reinforcing the area.

It has been over a week since he last made contact, so I assume he is not willing to make things right. Due to this I am left with no other choice than to leave negative feedback for Seth33.

Buyers Beware
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