Jun 2, 2011
seattle area, Wa
I hate to make one of these threads but it has come time.

Levi Parker (screenname Parkersxr) was recently parting out a ski of his and I was interested in a part. We messaged back and forth a few times and on July 22, 2016 Levi agreed to sell me said part.

I sent a paypal transaction and through the transaction communication was great.

I waited a week and hadn't seen any part show up so I asked fior a tracking number. No response. This was the first red flag.

I kept texting Levi over the course of the next few weeks and eventually got a response. He replied that he was overwhelmed parting out his ski and accidentally sent the part to the wrong addesss. He told me that he hac actually just received the part back in the mail and was going to send it to me the next day.

Great, or so I thought...

2 days later I ask if the part has been sent. No response.

I have continued to text Levi and my inquiries are not responded to.

Long story short, Levi Parker took my payment and never sent me what I paid for. I got burned.

I also made the terrible mistake of "gifting" the transaction payment..Please learn from my mistake and do not do that! I am left with no recourse and no part, despite him receiving payment in full.

Do NOT do business with Parkersxr on this forum. Buyer beware.

@Parkersxr , if you see this, please just send me what I paid for, that's all I want. Nothing more, nothing less.
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