SN (Sex Nose) Superjet build


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Feb 14, 2013
Bay Area, California
Finally got something goin this weekend, its been almost a full month since i did any work. I made it out to Florida for the Daytona freeride and had an amazing time, planned on getting some work done when I got back but the rainy weather hit us.

So yesterday I started out sanding everything down, knockin down the edges that were left from a month ago. Got the surface sanded and cleaned real good.
Then went nice and easy with 2 more layers of 1708 from the very front corner of the nose all the way to in front of the battery tray, continuing the stepped edge from where i left off last.
A little hard to see in the pic with all the sunlight
2018-01-27 16.41.24.jpg

Then i decided i wanted to just go for it and get the rest of the bottom done with a nice layer. So i started mocking up a huge layer of 1708.
I wanted to do the entire length of the engine bay from the bulkhead to the very tip of the nose, but I had a hard time last time I worked with a large piece in the tight quarters of the nose area.
So I decided to cut it a bit shorter, doing only 40 inches from the bulkhead, with 1 inch going up into the bulkhead.

2018-01-27 16.42.08.jpg

Also eyeballed and tapered the front of it a little bit. The nose area was still wet from the layup i just did so i had to eyeball measure to get the taper nice
After cutting out all these holes nice and pretty, a big old cup o resin got mixed up with a whole bunch of black dye.

I did have some trouble with this huge of a piece, but in the end it came out really good and im pretty stoked.

2018-01-27 16.42.36.jpg

2018-01-27 16.43.07.jpg

2018-01-27 16.43.55.jpg

The next day I trimmed up the rough edges around the perimeter and around the fittings so i dont stab myself later on
Then went and mocked up my pole to see how far it was going to sit when fully extended.
Heres the part where you guys have a good laugh at the pole im using with this turd of a superjet hahaha

2018-01-28 15.54.35.jpg

Anyways, Im not satisfied with how far it extends and want to squeeze a few more degrees out of it by leveling the bracket mounting surface.
So i just put that aside and kept moving, used some leftover scraps of 1708 to start on the exterior seam

2018-01-28 15.53.20.jpg

2018-01-28 15.54.00.jpg

Once the exterior seams finished, that pole bracket surface is getting done.
Felt like i got a good amount done this weekend after laying that giant ass piece in the engine bay.
Wana just keep chuggin along, another beer another day!

Cheers dudes!


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Feb 14, 2013
Bay Area, California
More solid progress this weekend, got alot done. Need to start ordering my remaining parts, i still need a complete bpipe and need to install my stator, flywheel, etc.
Im totally on track to finish for march 9 freeride :p. Probably place an order for a bpipe today, havent checked with them on stock.

So to continue where we left off, i did mention i wanted to alter the bracket mount surface to give me more degree of pole extension.
The sn hull angles their shotty oem bracket the opposite direction of all other hulls for no reason. So i fixed that up on the outside first:
2018-02-11 19.48.46.jpg
Started building up a wedge with 23 stepped layers bc i mathed from uscomposite specs of 1708 being .044" so thats like 22 layers for a full inch.
I am s-mart @ mathematics

Cleaned up and put duct tape barrier so i could level off a straight edge
2018-02-11 19.49.46.jpg
2018-02-11 19.50.14.jpg
2018-02-11 19.50.52.jpg
2018-02-11 19.51.27.jpg

At the same time i was playin with building up that wedge, i got my side seams and front corners nice and secured from the outside. Did 1 layer of 1708 across the seam and put a couple extra scraps of 1708 i had leftover from the engine bay cutouts over the front corner areas.
Solid bro, lawn darts for days, this thing is a flippin tank

2018-02-11 19.52.48.jpg
2018-02-11 19.53.56.jpg
2018-02-11 19.54.55.jpg
When the tape peeled off, i was super happy with the height of the wedge, its a full inch taller than it was, creating a more level surface than oem. Still a bit angled backwards but it should be legit.

2018-02-11 19.55.32.jpg

More filler to get it leveled off, probably need another go at this so its a flat surface.

The next day i was super hungover from partying for my buddys 30th, but i pushed thru for an hour or so before i almost puked in my respirator like 3x so i stopped and took a nap. I managed to grind down and clean up the edge of the wedge and fill in some of the gaps left over on it.
Then i flipped the pig over and sealed up the bottom seam with a layer of 1708.

2018-02-11 19.56.02.jpg

This weekend i plan on cleaning up the bottom seam and starting to fair out the bottom while its upside down.
Also while its flipped over i need to make a wedge for the inside of the pole bracket area, so i can thru bolt my bracket and not have the bolts coming thru the inside at a sht angle.

Lots of work ahead, but its totally gettin done for pismo. It wont be faired or painted, but will be ready to bash on in some surf


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Feb 14, 2013
Bay Area, California
Hahaha. Love the GIF's for added effect.
The gifs are my favorite part looool, i have fun finding cool ones that fit. It definitely makes my walls of text funner to read.

Didn’t even realize this was your build. My old tank will love this!
Tank will get some good use here, i need to mock up where its gona sit so i can lay down my ufo inserts. Maybe next weekend after i get the inside bracket area done.

I called FP today and of course theyre out of stock, so looks like thatll be my hangup for reaching the pismo deadline. Ill check back with them later this month and see where theyre at, might still be able to make it in time. If not its all good, more time for fairing and maybe some paint :cool:


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Feb 14, 2013
Bay Area, California
Wats up guys, i got another update finally. Ive been holding out posting mainly bc i started fairing work and its extremely tedious.
Fair, sand, fair, sand, etc.
This is my first time ever doing "finish work" on something before, first time working with fairing compound and whatnot.
Im using 410 epoxy fairing filler from west system. I looked on youtube for a while on fairing technique and the best i found to follow was this video west system did on yacht repair.
Pretty good demo, i really appreciate all these old west system demo videos, theyve been extremely helpful since i am total noob.

The 410 filler is pretty strange to work with. You really only want to mix with 1 pump of resin at a time. Its crazy how much fairing compound 1 pump of resin and hardener makes.
Anyways, the bottom was a good place to start fairing and practice since its the bottom. Only time youll see the bottom is from the beach as im mid flip.
Or when im on the beach with my boat upside down spraying the water out my cylinders from sinking haha.

2018-02-26 08.39.55.jpg

Looks good to me!
I also did the bottom sides while i had it upside down on my makeshift sawhorses.
Prepare yourself for a good laugh, heres how my makeshift sawhorse setup looked:

Trusty wheelbarrow for the win bro. U cant say its a true "home build" until u rig some junk like this and work in the dirt to get it done!
This setup actually creates the perfect space to sit down and work up inside the nose area.
So while i had it like this, i got the inside bracket area nice and leveled out and squared up.
2018-02-26 08.39.23.jpg
By squared up, i totally mean eyeballed :p

At this point, i had the bottom sides and corners faired with a 1st pass, so i flipped it back over to work on the top.

After starting the 1st pass fairing on the top sides, i noticed my exterior bracket surface needed to be leveled. It had a bit of a bow to it from the last time i built it up. So to level it, i got a paint mixing stick, covered it in duct tape, then fixed it to the hull eyeballing it level with the hood seal lip as reference.
The paint stick gave a nice sturdy surface to guide the squeegee while trying to level

2018-02-26 08.40.24.jpg

Came out really nice and added a bit more to the wedge.

Then i went and did a couple fairing passes on the rest of the top. It hopefully had enough time to cure before it started raining late last night around midnight looool
2018-02-26 08.42.33.jpg

I typed all that on the train and now i gotta do stuff, ill come back and clean it up later maybe?


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Feb 14, 2013
Bay Area, California
We need more backyard updates
Sooo much rain all this week. Got my backyard lookin like Shrek swamp

Idk how much ill be able to get done this weekend, but i did manage to get some work done last week before i cut out for the pismo freeride.

Ive been working on getting my pole setup dialed and im real close to being done with it.
I was lazy and didnt disassemble the pole to remove the spring, so i used a ratchet strap to compress it for a mock up.
2018-03-12 20.27.07.jpg

I used a couple 2x4s to prop the steering end up and aligned it between the hood latch bolt holes. Thought those should be a nice dead center reference.
Theres really no reference point in the front though so the front area got a good eyeballing and measured as best as possible.
2018-03-12 20.27.37.jpg

This worked pretty well, wiggled a few mm in the front, then realigned the bar end. Then wiggled another mm in the front and checked the bars again.
Next, put some tape down around the base to mark where it sat.
2018-03-12 20.28.05.jpg

Then i did a transfer onto some paper to mark the bracket holes and make a template. The template lined up nice and proper in the tape outline.
2018-03-12 20.28.36.jpg

Dotted the holes with sharpie and got right to drilling.
2018-03-12 20.29.44.jpg

Eventhough i took my time and went slow drilling these, i ended up with a couple problems.
Broke a couple of the small bits i used and had to just bore thru them with the next size bit. This made my holes slightly off center so i ended up having to oval slightly and fix some boo boo with silica epoxy.
Also, i need to add a bit more surface on the inside where the holes came thru.

The good part is i have my old blowsion bracket from my old round nose. This brackets meant for rrp pole breather size, but the rest of it lines up identically.
Was able to use this bracket for bolt up and damage assessment haha.
2018-03-12 20.30.28.jpg

So despite having to oval those holes a bit, the bracket lines up perfect with my tape marks when bolted together.

After this, i used that paper template again to mark off the breather tube holes. Blowsions website says they use 2" hose so i got a deep 2" holesaw bit off amazon. The holes on the bracket are slightly larger than 2" but its all good, i like it tight :cool:

Remember all that build up i did to the bracket area, inside and out?
Ya, lets just say she thicc

So anyways, im pretty close to done with pole. This was the real tricky part and i feel like i am over that hurdle. Couple quick fixes here and there and itll be dialed.

Heres a shot of the pig sittin out in the rain gettin wet, got all the holes i drilled taped off atm.

The nose is also lookin pretty fair right now. Need a final pass with some slightly thinner mix so it seeps into some of the pinholes and watnot. Then should be ready to put 3 thin layers of just epoxy over it as a sealing coat.

This brings me to think about paint and i realize my hood should probably get some attention first... So hoods next after pole is done!