-SOLD- 02 SJ Hull Reinforced for surf (NJ) w/parts


flap dem wings johnny!
May 22, 2011
hammonton, new jersey
Here is the link from the original build showing pics of all the reinforcing work, tray defoam, etc

Not looking to ship and not looking to sell anything individually. Looking to sell as a whole package. Broke my leg real bad at the Brigantine beach bash like 5 years ago on it and it sat for like a year. By the time I was able to walk and open it up (bout a year later) and take it apart the motor was seized while trying to spin shaft by hand. Pulled the head off and seen all kinds of rust etc. I’m sure the motor is salvageable with new piston, rings, and bearings but I’m not the expert. Its been sitting in my shed apart ever since so parts look a little dusty. Hull after build probably has 8 hours on it and only 2 are probably surf. Electric’s probably have 3 hours on them after being sent to JSS. Motor probably had 3 hours on it before I broke my leg.

Located in Hammonton NJ, moving to Brigantine NJ in a week and a half so it’ll be there if not sold
Call/Text 609-556-7177

Not really sure what everything is worth but I’ll just say $3000 or best offer

02 Hull with title. No cracks, normal scuff marks on bottom

wdk razor hood w/ nose piece

Blowsion tubbie destroyers

Hull walls, nose, and handlepole bracket reinforced with carbon and fiberglass

Tray defoamed and refoamed with poly

Tray also reinforced

Added water line for dual cooling

Tube added for trim cable

Tom 21 footholds

Thick padding in tray under turf

Padding in foot holds

Pancake Pete front foot hold

Xmetal pole w/ bracket

Xmetal adjustable steering system

Xmetal trim system w/ quickturn nozzle

Xmetal billet throttle trigger

Xmetal billet trim lever

Black odi locking grips w/ billet blue ring/end cap

Team xtreme bow eye loop

24/7 hood hooks

Worx intake grate

Jet dynamics ride plate

Skat trak 13/17 impellar

Stock pump set up for dual cooling

Fuel primer

Brap strap

Homemade pole rope

Billet couplers

OCD bilge switch

Stock start/stop switch

Dual bilge mounting bracket

2-billet blue bilge fittings

2-billet blue water bypass fittings

Billet blue bow eye bushings

Blowsion pump cone

Blowsion billet blue exhaust cap

Drains installed

Additional parts
Jetmaniac big bore 771

Blowsion kenny keepers

Stock battery tray

Stock gas tank

Stock water box

Stock carbs

Stock Yamaha flame arrestors

Stock intake manifold

V-force delta 2 carbon reeds

#Zero lightened fly wheel

ATP epic hx3 ignition

Electrical box and stator (was sent to JSS)


ADA girdled head

All rubber mats and straps for battery, waterbox, tank, etc

2- blowsion flame arrestors

Mostly all hardware, motor shims, etc

Also have not pictured

Blowsion billet blue hood latch (brand new still in package)

Wave blaster rear exhaust outlet tube (brand new)

Dual Carbs and intake with reeds for 760 motor

Skat track 13/18 impeller


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Aug 16, 2011
cape may, nj
Hey I live in smithville. Are you interested in fixing the engine? I can maybe help you out if your interested. My engine was just like yours at one time. I brought it back to life. If your interested hit me up.


flap dem wings johnny!
May 22, 2011
hammonton, new jersey
Nah I’m actually in the process of moving to Brigantine, staying with a friend and having a house built down there over the next year or so. After the house is built I’ll prolly start all over with a new build. Just don’t want to bring this all with me.
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