Stock Squarenose to Sweet Superjet --- step by step my first ski


Feb 7, 2006
Limerick, PA
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Please excuse the context in witch written and adapt to use here...

Well yes, this is another freestyle build up thread which most all mods have been covered before. I have taken so much from this web site and from this great community of guys (and occasional gal) that I would like to give back what I can and let others see what I was able to do. I started out as a complete novice and now, thanks to every, one I have been able to make a great ski. (not finished yet tho) So before you click that x give it a try.

Story Line:
Summer of '04 --- rode a superjet 3 or 4 times
Summer of '05 --- rode same ski a few times then owner sold it to me

Superjet 1:
1991 Yamaha Superjet
stock motor
milled head
Skat trak 9-17
ride plate
UMI intake grate

Fall 0f '05 --- bought a superjet off ebay in Ohio

Superjet 2:
1994 Yamaha Superjet
Protec pipe
protec exhaust manifold
stock 44 single carb
motor work done by Group K
-milled head
-81mm pistons (701cc)
-primer in carb
-choke plate taken out
-flywheel lightened .4 lbs
-clylinder and head decking
-intake manifold work

Winnter of 05' ---the work began...
Goal is too make my first hull all nice and then do a motor swap.
End of this summer the '94 hull is getting sold with the stock '91 motor.
Main focus is too get hull,pump, and handling up to par. Next year if finances are ok (college kid) ill do a motor build.

Im far into the process and I took photos so I will continuisly add my steps to the thread.

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Feb 7, 2006
Limerick, PA
Reinforcing a squarenose.

Hull Reinforcment Proccess


-All from
-Ill add my detailed list soon

  • Washed Hull
  • Used grinder to grind ribs off bottom and top half of hull
  • Vacumed and Wiped Hull Clean
  • Filled in bond line with WS404
  • Poured extra filler in nose to fill gaps
  • Filled over bond line again to build up more and smooth out
  • Filled lip under hood rail so I could bring the glass up and out
  • Poured extra filler in nose to fill gaps
  • Roughed up entire hull with 120 grit sandpaper
  • Wiped Hull Clean with water only
  • Used a bath towl to make a pattern for each side
  • Cut out two Pieces of glass for each side
  • Spread resin over one side
  • Layed one sheet of glass
  • 10 minutes later did second layer on same side
  • Added black dye to second layer (looks cool!!!)
  • Pressed with fiberglass roller
  • Watched it dry for 2 days
  • Flipped Hull and repeated on otherside


This was my first time using fiberglass.
It turnned out great, if I can do it you can too.
I ran glass all the way up and under to hood lip for added strenght.
I also ran glass out 2 inches at bottom.
Deffinatly buy a roller it realy helps.
Buy the easy disspersing pumps they make for quik, easy, acurate work.
Uscomposites is half the price of westsystems resin AND ITS GREAT!
I will lend out my patterns to any one who asks.

Hopefully this helps someone. PM me if you still need help with your reinforcing job. I did preaty good on mine thanks to great advice from everyone. Ill help you with what I can.




Feb 7, 2006
Limerick, PA
more reinforcments


I forgot to mention these little jobs.

I layed strips under the pole mount.
One strip all the way around rails.
Back of dash to make new holes for controls.

I used the 3" cloth tape from UsComposites.
The proccess it preaty self expainatory.

I also filled in old holes with some left over resin mixed with WS404 filler.

Pictures Follow:----


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