surfs up duudes- direction 650sx surf hull mod shorten

Aug 14, 2014
Thank you for being here, skip to the large font if you dont wana read the gargle:oops::oops::oops:

Yesterday, I went jet skiing at my local beach/bay and realized that surf riding was definitely one of the more interesting and active, challenging and thrilling of the PWC experiences.

So im out there, on my 120psi 650sx 87-89 who knows #straya and i notice that you cant ride the waves like how a surfboard rides them ( " thats because its not a surf board")........

a surf board cuts into the wave differently like with the ski its catching, and wont crest on the wave and bob along so to speak lol so turning is difficult and everything is slow, and you cant be slow for da surf.
Coming off modding the 550, i now feel confident in attempting most things, if i have of course the right info and tools, materials, time, etc

So with searching about, ive decided I like to perform these mods at this will be a surf boat.

HULL MODS:cool: please read as some request info ie are question for that particular;)

1. Shortened hull mod
- i want as much nozzle to protrude as possible, therefore more control of thruster/pump
- looking for specific info about this mod particulary to the 650sx SIDE EXHAUST.???

2. Widen Tray with footholds no questions here

3. Reinforce the hull, bulk head, walls

- now i know what yall are thinking, thats tots gnarls bro BUT es possible ? given that it has a huge mofo water box ( should say silo ) and is a Side exhuast??? SO is it Possible to perform this mod on this 650sx 87-89. much appreciated?

if it is possible,
what happens to the exhust, can you run it straight out the side??? totally bypassing a water box?
also, has anybody seen anyone do this mod to either a js 550 , 650 etc, id like to read up and test the waters

5. Shape evrything ie the rails into the shorten hull cut into the rocker. One thing I did see was a guy that just cut the front bumper guard off, so it had a rickter style nose, but wasnt rockered, why is this done? whats the pros of this?

6. how about lowering the hood?? possible

7. Turf it up

Probs rebuild the top end aswell and crank if need be.

Guys i realize this is huge, and these are some niche, underground, xcore poopz style questions re the 650 qwaka.

Just answer what you know, if you know of any good build threads by GOOD craftsmen. no dead ends please.

this will be a cool ski, im interested in havng the jet entirely protruding lol, how mad ay???!!

thanks friends,
may your knuckles stay skinned

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Aug 14, 2014
yeah I owned one for awhile, 760 with the lot.
superjets coast 10,000 brand new here and dont depreciate much......

anyways i think just a shortening will be great just so you can get that pump showing


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Jun 8, 2012
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I would LOVE a 550 hull with a 701 motor and pump...
Hell, a "carbon 440" hull with a 701 motor and pump would be tits ;)
and a "carbon 440 hull with a ice cream" engine would be even bigger tits ;)
Aug 14, 2014
yeah 701 with pump would be cool.
im thinking of swapping the 650 engine into my 550 hull, and then cutting 4inches off the back, so the nozzle/pump is fully extended. sponsons and maybe a nose job. what you recon?

can you still carve up the water if you have a ski with a shortened hull?
Sep 30, 2013
segoville TX
do not rocker or cut the trim off of the nose, you will have to wear goggles because it splashes so much water up in your face. The bond line in the front is also a splash guard.

as far as cutting the back goes, cut it right behind the rear pump bolts and shorten the pole to match your height with where you stand in the tray.


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Feb 15, 2012
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the 650 is a big clunky hull...your biggest bet would be to swap in a larger engine to push it. Maybe a kawi 750 or 800 if you can get a hold of one. You can replace the waterbox with a water-injected inline silencer but you will need something to cut the DBs.

You could look for a 300sx hull also. Some work will be required on this hull as well (shorten the rear, 650 pump swap), but it is a shorter hull then the 650sx.
Aug 14, 2014
got the hull up the back of the house so i can work on it.
i was told to remove all the fairings as they were real heavy, was right. still getting it off, stuck with the side bolts that run along the plastic rail coverings/fairings. the Philips head faces have rusted and the 10mm bolt on the back is tight on. any tps? just cut it off, use the plastic as a cover? it wouldn't be so easy.

any suggestions

Ill probs do a build thread as im gona shorten, widen trap, foot straps, reinforce, repairs to hull
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