Tigercraft M1

Feb 2, 2016
New York
Super clean Tigercraft M1. This is the perfect do a bit of both hull. It is fun on flat days and surf days as well. Freshwater hull. Bolt in your drivetrain and go. Easy as it gets.

Including with hull is
-Pole pad
-Intake grate
-148/150 Pump shoe
-Ride plate
-New this year Ninja footholds
-Fresh turf this year
-Set of couch mounts

Layup is a full carbon visual top deck and fiberglass lower deck.

NYS transferable registration that is for this hull.

Location Buffalo NY

Price 7,900

More pictures to follow

7DD49A22-E7F2-4EF6-A91A-AAF523FA3E4A.jpeg BFE3A2E9-7E50-4DAD-8797-B482132B389B.jpeg 85B2C6A2-B15B-4AFC-9C50-52566A731155.jpeg
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