TPE 964ss

Dec 22, 2013
Just wanted to give my experience with True Performance Enginering. Rode a season on my V2 Aquabot (surf layup) with a 701, learned to flip on that blah blah. Ordered a 964 1/28/16 took deliver on 3/23/16. Built for wave daze, pf dry pipe, Fs 49's, 148 h20, stock charging. All jetting specs were provided. Since the First ride the ski has ran excellent and has needed 0 jetting changes. Minor screw adjustments. Wave daze was my 2nd ride on the motor. After WD I knew I never could go back to a 701! Small waves no problem for the 964, just flip them anyway! The ride ability of the motor is awesome. But when you get to the upper mid and top it makes me smile every time. It pulls so hard and for so long. The fun factor of the big motor can't even be compared to a 701. Anyone hesitant to step up to a big motor, rest easy, mine has been hassle free and has upped my fun factor ten fold. Between Erik building the motor and Todd telling me what jetting and prop pitch etc. it couldn't have been a better first big motor experience. This motor has made my v2 surf ski even a fun FW ski. Big FW flips and even did my first 2 flip set the other week. Big thumbs up to the True performance crew! #tpe4life


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