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Sep 19, 2006
Savannah, GA
Wow, we are in the low 70's and it's beautiful here so I'm enjoying my first day off in over a month!

Turtle Island got overrun with our little degens so I made a bridge and connected version 1 to version 2 to add some real estate.

If they overrun this monstrosity, we’re either gonna start selling them or eating them.

Jan 14, 2006
Tuscaloosa, AL
20190322_191242.jpg 20190322_210918.jpg brought out little 16' toyhauler out to the sailing club I am a member of around lunch. Ran home. Kissed the wife and daughter. Grabbed the skis and headed out here. Not a soul here. Got a cleanup work day tomorrow then gonna throw the skis in for a bit afterwards. Knocking away a few beers just chilling by the fire pit. Sometimes being alone is just the answer. Because this week sucked donkey balls.
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