XFT fly-x

Jun 26, 2015
8DEDC25C-DAFF-471B-84E2-B5D6873CC552.jpeg B756A6B5-9F3F-48A9-B7A1-97EB30358738.jpeg A98F905B-D06A-4E47-97A1-55AEC73DD229.jpeg 5A6B4AA0-9363-4E8E-9D02-907BC8D37994.jpeg 4907E78F-2D69-42D5-A2B9-E95B74789F9C.jpeg E71ABA55-DCBB-4989-A890-6DD75CC12BBC.jpeg I have a xft fly x ski for sale.
The motor:
718cc ported cylinders and ported cases for freestyle
Porx pistons
Factory b pipe( dual cooling and bored to 50mm)
Dual 38s with carbon reeds
Lightened 62t flywheel
Msd enhancer
Msd spark plugs boots
Ada head girded head (35cc domes)
Brand new battery
(Motor was just rebuilt and has no time on it)
The pump:
Solas 6 vein pump
Solas 13/17 prop
Xft trim system
New steering cable and trim cable

The hull:
The hull is in great shape, it had some bottom damage which was repaired and painted black looks great and is strong!
The inside of the hull was reinforced also and painted black!
Has brand new rhass motor mounts
All new fuel line and water lines
2 gallon fuel tank
Brand new grips
Brand new trim lever

A lot of Money has been put into this ski and a ton of time! I’m in no rush to sell but want to see if anyone is interested

Wanting $8500 open to trades:)
Really seeing what’s out there, in no rush to sell!
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