Ski Yamaha Waverunner 3 GP 701 (can bring to SFF) $700

Jul 9, 2009
Kennesaw GA
94 wave runner 3 gp sitdown.
It has a 61x/61x 701 motor, (had good compression but I dont remember, I will try and retest and post results), has 144mm pump
Ski runs perfect, I built the ski last year to ride with my kids, we rode it all summer and it runs perfect! I competly went through the ski last year, cleaned fuel tank/pickup, new fuel lines, cleaned/rebuilt carb, converted to premix, Cleaned inside of engine bay, new seat cover.

I releive this is a standup site but this is a great ski to use as a doner ski.
I live in Kennesaw GA and cant bring it to the southern fried freeride.
$700 firm, no trailer included. I plan on parting the ski out over the winter if it doesn't sale by then.
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