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Hey Chuck,
Not sure you got my last message.
I bought a Dasa 850 from you a while back and now have a 4mm stroked 760 that I want to run an 850 top end on.
What would you recommend and any set up tips. Was thinking of Blowsion BB850 sleeves.
Your thoughts would be great.
Cheers Steve.
Hey Chris looking for a Rhaas Products Kawasaki driveshaft Bearing Housing Complete, can you get it and how much? Thanks Tony
Hello Chris, I would like to order some parts please. (2) throttle cables your custom kawi/yam type, (2) fuel primers, (1) 2.5 mikuni n/s , main jets-(1) 145 150 152.5 155 low speed (1) 120 125 I am jetting a single carb setup. It is an ATP 49 on a 780 with a V3 laydown pipe going to be rec/bouy riding any ideas? Hope you doing well shredding and selling parts . Thanks text cell 909/841-8468 if you like
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