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I would like to know the difference between a 718 and 735. I would like you to build me a motor for this ski, do I need to source the cases and cylinder?
I was under the impression that my 92 donor ski was taking on water which ended up being the stock bulge pump....anywayslong story short the lady came with me and is totally digging the ride. First thing she said was I want this ski and just build your new hull so we can both ride together!
Need some advice, do you think I should buy a donor ski? I wanna go bigger then 701, btw love those welds on the WB!
Hello, just wondering what your recommended carb specs are for my 62T JetManiac 735 with sbn 38’s. It’s got a full b pipe as well, having some seat leakage/flooding issues and unsure which size to order. Thank you in advance!
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