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Hey ! Would you have a Worx 201 grate for sale ? Thanks (you saved me last year with a dead stator)..Casey
Yes, in stock, message sent, check your inbox.
hey danny !!! How much for the dual 38s with shipping to J0A 1K0 Canada ? Thanks
Hey! ive been readind the posts about the zeletronics total loss. im wanting to order one from him but what model do you think is the best? PDCI-11 or PDCIS-01T? its going on a 865 x scream, i got the 760 electronics coming already and want to order the brain. Thanks!!
im using the PDCIS-01T. email borat telling him what your doing and he will supply it with the right plug then all you will need to do is hook up a power feed to it. The rest will plug straight into your 760 front cover. I can then give you the right static angle and your done. I have set up a few of these now
Great thanks! Sorry it took a while to respond, didn’t notify me that I had a message. I’ll email him today and I’ll get back to you when I got it. Thanks!
I am interested in the 950. It is complete with ebox carbs, reeds, manifold, and head? also the pump and pipe! How much for all of it shipped to 56401?
I would like to buy an OEM JM rebuilt starter for Yamaha 701 185 dollar and Cold Fusion FX style ebox mount 42 dollar.
Can you send me a PM.
Best regards Robin
I would like to purchase a set of your tubbies For my 1994 Superjet. Thank you for your time.
you still able to do Yamaha gp800 flywheels , you did one for me before but it stopped letting the engine start sounds crazy but when trying to start it will not spin over
sorry to bug but just trying to complete the deal here. Have you found the manifold? Pics?
Looking for a set of yamaha couch mounts for my V2X and some fuel filters, shipped to Maine.
Hi Criss , i need a price on a msd enhancer for 701 and a 144 impeller 9-15 swirl shipped to Canada j8n0a7