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    2014 SFS Superfreak Titan -9

    That looks amazing... Im located in MN though. Shipping is not cheap
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    2010 Rickter FS2 HULL For Sale

    Ok is this the fiberglass model?
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    2014 SFS Superfreak Titan -9

    Flips and rolls?
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    2010 Rickter FS2 HULL For Sale

    Everything else functioning well? Also Id be interested in it with the pole
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    2010 Rickter FS2 HULL For Sale

    Hi interested. What motor were you running in this?
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    Super Jet Help: Stripped Factory headpipe to manifold bolt threads

    Have same issue with my thread. Is there an extended length insert to cover the entire hole length or are people running the standard 10-15mm length inserts? Wondering if thats even necessary, just trying to get the best fix so no issues later
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    Super Jet loose motor mount hull fitting

    Hi old thread but i ran into similar problem. My motor mount bolt seared off into the brass bushing. I couldn't get it out with a bolt extractor without damaging the brass bushing. Did you have to replace that bushing?
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    Super jet hull motor mounts

    Attempted. Damaged the brass insert
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    Super jet hull motor mounts

    Hey guys I had a motor mount bolt sear off and could not remove it without damaging the bras insert and threads. Anyone know how to repair that? I assume new brass sleeve and epoxy it in any help us greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Carbon Havoc Hull SOLD

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    (Sold) 15’ AirBlair Dart 735 Jetmaniac

    I have an 04 SJ pretty much maxed out. Ski runs great and been well kept. -ADA girdled (35s) -Factory B pipe -WDK custom hood -foot wells -handlebars -scupper -custom wrap -Custom Trim -Pro water craft racing front sponsons -bilge -hood straps Any idea how much cash you would be looking for in...
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    WDK ROK 754cc 5,500$

    sick how would you compare it to a eme micro. Didn't really like the micro because it was too short
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    WDK ROK 754cc 5,500$

    Is this good for wake chasing and flips off of wakes?
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    WDK ROK Carbon

    are these hulls long enough to chase wakes? looking to ride mostly on lakes and hitting boat wakes
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    make superjets great again

    when you chopped the rear just curios on why you chose to cut it flat instead of rockered?
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