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    Has anyone put a Yamaha 701/760 in a SXR800 hull?

    If anything the 760 will produce less low end torque than the 800. People underestimate the power output of the 800. It has better port timing than the 760 as well. The 800 has the same port timing as the #22 small pin 750 cylinder which is a great all around setup. The cases are even tunnel...
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    Austrailia's Sky News about America is not Censored

    that might work if california doesnt loose all of its residents before then haha
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    Has anyone put a Yamaha 701/760 in a SXR800 hull?

    i dont see any benefit to putting a 701 in a sxr other than possibly trying freestyle. the 800 engine makes more power than a 701 stock for stock.
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    Building a PJX X-1C

    who built them originally? seems team twangled is buying all of the older molds out there
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    Building a PJX X-1C

    are those still being built?
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    Air Blair Hull Review

    i rode one air blair had a Carolina beach last year or year before. i was super impressed with it. it was a fixed steer setup. the position and location of the bars on the fix steer is absolutely perfect. far enough forward that the ski wont ride super nose high which is hard with a short ski...
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    Super Jet advice on what to do next

    Disassemble the engine is the only thing left to do so you know what you're working with then go from there
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    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    a zeel facebook page? ohh boy its only going down hill from there haha
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    650/X-2 X2 build help!

    all good information in post above. just differnce in opinion and what youre working with doing fiberglass. i prefer building up laminate with more thinner layers rather than something like biax becuase it takes soo much resin to properly wet out. example- 2 layers of 1208= 24oz, 3 layers of 8oz...
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    Is it possible to access jets without removing carbs from ski?

    Get your impeller right then focus on carb tuning. You get it dialed with the impeller you have, you'll probably have to do it again after you get the impeller right since your current one isnt loading the engine enough.
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    Is it possible to access jets without removing carbs from ski?

    i like to use a thin layer of assembly lube on the gaskets when they are new. the grease film will keep the gasket from tearing apart when removing the carbs
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    Adjustable BOB or Hurricane Footholds

    id recommend the rrp ninja setup or tigercraft sells a setup almost identical to the rrp ninja adjustable setup. im not sure if the bob hold kit is being made any longer. what i like about the ninja and tigercraft setup is the holds wrap around your foot more than the bob setup does.
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    RN waterbox or equivalent

    i had a oem waterbox that i sold locally for 160 bucks. i upgraded to a jetmaniac box. very nice piece and only 60 more than a used oem. better tone, not a lot louder and it fits like a glove, especially with the rockered nose on my RN. i did add a layer of 26mm underpading and a layer of turf...
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    Wet jet pipe 61x

    its a good budget pipe comparable performance to a protec or riva pipe
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