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    Fx1 144 conversion question

    The FX-1 drive shafts are hard to find (have to be made). I used a 2005 SJ shaft, It's a little longer & easier to get. The mid shafts are also getting tough to get :(
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    Fx1 144 conversion question

    Hmmm.... Well making the ride plate and chines line up somewhat smoothly are definitely a challenge. But, drive line alignment is really important. You are going to have to juggle all the things at once to get it close. Probably start by mounting the pump and driveshaft to the new tunnel piece...
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    FX1/144mm Bottom Replacement

    Well, it’s still alive! I ride it all the time. Rebuilt the pump & drive line at least 7-8 times. For power, I’ve had a lame non pv Lamey motor that never got to run right (junk), a 1- baby scream 771cc, 2- Team Scream 865cc, & 1-TS 900cc. Been through a bunch of Different pitch Skat-Trak 144mm...
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    Super Jet JoeB tribute surf smasher

    Here's a shot of the business end... There was lots of changes in progress at this point
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    Pump shoe and intake grate for a 144 mm swap

    It's all way different
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    B-Pipe Refinishing, Powder Coat

    Save the $$$.$$. Powder coat is for office furniture. What happened to that finish in the first place? After removing the original coating, either sandblast the headpipe or polish it. Keep it looking clean with a good silicone spray before/after the ride (of course if you ride in the salt, fresh...
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    Gains from dual carb conversion on 61x case?

    For a 61X setup, the best all around intake is from the old Wet Jet (gold motor). Designed by Bob Santos (Westcoast). It has like built in stuffers to help reduce the crankcase volume. It also came fitted with a 46mm carb. But with a 44mm on top, it would be a little easier to tune out those...
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    Smooth Turf sanding lssues

    You really want to use fresh, sharp sandpaper. Otherwise the worn grit just slides over the surface. The factory must run the turf through a machine like a planer that has a large drum sander instead of blades. Don't be afraid of messing up the finish because the turf will grip better after you...
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    Smooth Turf sanding lssues

    I used to have yellow turf (it fades quickly) and to bring the original color and texture back, I used a 6" DA with 40 grit on the deck and 80 grit on the top rails. After that I hand sanded the top rails and caps with 80. The finish looked fresh.
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    The Camp Fire

    Some more info....
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    Vforce 3 lifespan?

    I ran a couple sets of V-3 reeds in my SS865 that had epoxied cases and intake runner tracts (Boyesen manifold). After a couple of hours of custom grinding the cages to make them fit, and making a couple of gaskets, I fired it up. The first impression was WOW! These reeds really increase the...
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    Head O-Rings and Adhesive/Sealant

    E350, The re-conditioning of the 650 head you have looks good. If you had 0.015" removed (at least) to make it flat again, The o-ring groove should have also been touched up to the proper depth (hope so). If not, the o-ring won't fit properly and interfere with the metal to metal contact as...
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    Head O-Rings and Adhesive/Sealant

    Some things I learned about O-rings.... 1- When you use 1211/sealant on a O-ring it turns it into a gasket. 2- When you use grease on a O-ring it is a seal. 3- Use the manufacturers specs for groove/seat design. 4- Quad O-rings (X pattern) work better than round O-rings for dynamic applications.
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    Freestyle I have met my match = xscream [emoji853][emoji379]

    Tested a set of Full Spectrum 48mm carbs (from 2006) on my SS900 yesterday. Once again the jetting is goofy. Your Novi's would probably (guessing) be similar in character. 1.8 N&S with black springs (25psi), 2 check valves, #60 return jet Front carb 135 HS, 5/8 turn out. 127.5 LS, 5/8 turn...
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    Freestyle I have met my match = xscream [emoji853][emoji379]

    The quick answer to your question is 5 points on the HS jet.... so far Xscream recommended (as a starting point with 46mm Mikuni's) 117.5 H/S and 130 L/S jets. That would get you running, but (for me) the front cylinder would run too lean if you tried to ride 3/4 to full throttle for more than a...
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