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    Lifted Truck Talk/Pics

    I know they aren't Nittos but I put e rated Toyo A/ts on the old ladys ranger, they ride better than the light truck goodyears that were on it. Couldn't be happier with them.
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    Lifted Truck Talk/Pics

    My truck squats too... When I've got 3700lbs in the bed...
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    what/who got you hooked on this sport?

    I wanted a stand up since I was a kid, mostly because I never saw anyone around here with them. Picked up a js650 a few years back to learn on. Picked up a js550 basket case shortly after, then a X2, and most recently a snsj. Mine are the only stand ups on the lake where I ride, most folks that...
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    Saturday Grammar Lesson

    17. edition 18. addition This should be posted on the create an ad page on craigslist. I looked at and ad the other day for a "Special Addition Kawasaki Ninja" lol
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    Other Torque wrenches? whats everyone useing?

    I've got a gear wrench 20-200 in/lbs and a CDI(made by snap-on) 50-250 ft/lbs. I like both of them, they had excellent reviews. I need to get a good mid range one now or just get a nice digital that covers everything.
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    Other Sunk Ski in Lake do we find it...

    Yea those sonars aren't always as great as people think. I've watched our sheriff's dept search an irrigation pond for a body for 2.5 days with sonar and divers. They finally found him half way through the 3rd day when he bobbed up to the surface lol. I hope you find this thing man, I...
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    Super Jet title issue

    Regardless if the titles are required to be notarized or not, it would be good practice to ALWAYS have the title notarized and/or get a notarized bill of sale. Paper trails are extremely important these days and having a legal witness to the sale would be of great benefit if matters needed...
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    Freestyle Any females out here????

    LOL.... Back on topic, my girl rides but shes not on here..... that I know of..... lol
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    Why you dont backflip a square

    My pole bracket broke in the EXACT same spot as well. You would think there would be some variation as to where they break lol I'll be choppin up my sq this winter... if I don't go a/m...
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    Freestyle Any females out here????

    I was wondering what happened to Suzi, I guess DJ summed it up haha
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    Super Jet Two, that's right TWO!! RN Superjets for $3500 TOTAL

    I have a good idea the people that complained are smart enough to do a little research to see what something was worth BEFORE they put it up for sale. lol Your right though, I would never post a killer deal (that I was interested in) on any forum, sure fire way for someone to snatch it out...
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    Super Jet Two, that's right TWO!! RN Superjets for $3500 TOTAL

    Nice!! haha Maybe he will register and post up to defend his "case" lmao
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    Super Jet Two, that's right TWO!! RN Superjets for $3500 TOTAL

    I was this close to texting him this afternoon and trying to ride down there tonight until I saw his "updated" price.. nope, not any more.. ya'll can have em. That alone tells me enough about his character to know not to waste my time trying to deal with him. I like the idea of everyone...
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    excuse me mam, do you smoke?

    Fixed it for ya lol. :twak::lmao: Diesel has alot to offer but until the EPA lightens up were stuck.. Also, if the industry was more focused on fuel economy our trucks would do much better than 16-20 but everyone wants to have the fastest with the highest HP blah blah blah lol. Priorities are...
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    excuse me mam, do you smoke?

    I know they will run out sooner or later, but I doubt I will ever see it.. Like I said, too many people stand to gain too much from fossil fuels to give them up before they have to. When Marty and Doc traveled to 2015 there was all kinds of cool stuff that we don't have now.. flying cars, hover...
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