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  • No worries. :biggrin:

    I'll try hard to make it to Sammamish. Don't see any reason not to, considering it will be summer break for school.
    OOP's sorry matt I typed that get along smart ass comment and really quickly edited . No it's cool between us I know I am hard headed. I think that you and I are cool I respect what you have to say no worries are you going to tastin at samammish this june ?
    it's pretty bad when there are only 10 people on the pages tonight kinda tell's you what kinda life we live huh ?
    Matt i sorry to trouble you i thought the service was for very close friends and family. Can anyone go?
    Traced my start problem to the red wire somwhere between the plug and Kawi switch, got pissed and pulled it out tonight, going to be replacing with the Wetjet setup with lanyard. Wanted to ride your orange ski but.........
    Yeah, i"m better.
    I am headed to work, actually.
    My fever seems gone, and my throat is a bit better, too.
    So you live in Colfax, i got to wsu in pullman and have been wondering if there were any serious riders in the area. Knowing that there are people to ride with I might have to arrange to bring my SJ back
    I am having some server issues, and it will be a day or two before I can complete your order.. Can you call me at the shop on Wednesday?

    Sorry for the delay,
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