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  • Perfect truck for Brig. Only one guy on the X has extra beach permits, because he does the beach towing in the summer.

    THis is what Shawn sent me.

    Contact "NTRSSPRAY". (MARK) Tell him you saw the video on the X and you talked to me. Ask him if he is riding this weekend and if he has an extra permit you could borrow for the day so you can ride too.

    Let me know how it goes.

    I have been going back-and-forth with Shawn_NJ about doing some surf riding, but he has been away and unavailable. I looked at the surf report and weather for this weekend and contacted him about riding but he said that he's done until Daytona. He suggested I contact you to see if you guys are going out this weekend. I'm from PA, but usually travel to CT/RI or DE to ride. I basically want a few more days in before taking a few months off and then go to Daytona. I'm not as hard-core as you guys, but I do enjoy waves! My issue is, Shawn told me that where you guys ride, you need a beach permit. Do you guys have one that I could use for the day if I come down? He told me to ask.

    Let me know as I want to make arrangements with someone to get out this weekend.


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