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  1. Carbon Jet

    SOLD 2008 Yamaha Superjet - B Pipe free Dual Trailer $4800

    2008 Yamaha Superjet Dual Carb 701 Factory B pipe Footholds Blowsion Tubbies Worx Scoop Intake grate ADA Racing High Compression Head (Girdled Head, not running studs) Compression is 180/180 as of 3 days ago AC Racing Aluminum Handlepole AM Pole Spring Wamilton’s steering/bars setup Wamilton’s...
  2. Carbon Jet

    Used OEM SJ 701 Starter

    As it goes, spent all the saved coin on a SJ, and within 24 hours, (more like 18) starter is shot. I just purchased new cables because they didn't look the best either. Anyone have a Used OEM starter they can offload for a fair price? THANKS
  3. Carbon Jet

    New Brand new (JSS Serviced) Jetski Solutions OEM SJ 701 Ebox w/ MSD Enhancer and Start Stop Switch

    Up for sale is a Brand new, (New as in just serviced, Immaculate Condition, bench tested) SJ 701 OEM Complete Ebox with MSD Enhancer, OEM JSS New Start Stop Switch (even has new buttons, and John used stainless steel inner hardware instead of the carbon steel) and a bunch of extra hardware, ebox...
  4. Carbon Jet

    SOLD 2002 Yamaha Superjet 701 RN Like New with Tons of Extras $5,300

    2002 Yamaha Superjet 701 Roundnose SJ-please read entire listing-everything goes as a package- Low hour freshwater/lake garaged Ski Was a graduation present in 2002, ridden a few times in a lake and then stored in a garage up until a few years ago. Has been completely flushed, fogged...
  5. Carbon Jet

    SOLD SOLD-61X/62T 701 Frankenstein SB $500

    61X cases with 62T cyl/Top End 155-160 ish PSI in each jug Perfect for someone who wants the simplicity of a single carb or as an on the shelf/backup motor. Details: had a recently new crank in it and new crank seals, then was assembled and kept in a cabinet at the time I got it. I had a near...
  6. Carbon Jet

    Want to Buy RN Superjet Cover

    Looking to buy/In search of a cover for a Roundnose Superjet. Doesn't have to be brand new, but no tears, rips, cuts or holes please. Looking for an OEM Yamaha one or something similar like JetTribe or Blowsion. NOT looking for one of those generic vinyl/sunbrella one that are one size fits...
  7. Carbon Jet

    WTB/ISO Squarenose SJ Waterbox

    Need a Waterbox ASAP shipped to 34228. Would prefer a stock SN waterbox so I don't have to do any hose modification, but would also consider a RN waterbox or AM with minimal modification needed. NEEDS to be Rattle-FREE and Broken baffle-FREE! please text pics/price to 941-five-three-6-4898 THANKS!
  8. Carbon Jet

    62T cases-great shape

    Price is $125 firm plus shipping from 34228. Estimate it to be between $20-30 to the Pacific Northwest, so it may be cheaper depending where you live. Comes with the 8 bolts that hold the cases together. All mating surfaces are smooth.. no pitting, etc.. Outer case is in great shape, paint still...
  9. Carbon Jet

    SOLD 1992 Yamaha Superjet 62T/62T 701 with Carbon Fiber and a Bunch of Extras Super Jet

    ***PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING*** Price is $3,000 FIRM. (TRAILER NOT INCLUDED) These skis are not just listing, but SELLING for $2800, $2900 and even $3800 (one in Orlando) and they quite frankly look like they've never been washed or flushed, have tons of corrosion, rust, etc. This Ski has been...
  10. Carbon Jet

    2015 New OEM Superjet Exhaust and Air Intake Assembly

    Selling 2015 OEM SJ Exhaust Assembly with air intake assembly. Basically brand new. Was started on a brand new Ski to hear it run, then was swapped for AM parts. What you see is what you get. The one pic doesn’t have the head/exhaust bracket, but can be seen in other pics. That IS included. Air...
  11. Carbon Jet

    SN SJ Pole Bracket and Bolt - $30

    Selling SN Pole bracket, comes exactly as shown... with rubber stoppers, hood hooks and pivot bolt/hardware. Overall great shape Price is $30 plus shipping and PP fees if not sending via gift/friends and family. text (nine-4-one) - five-3-six-4898
  12. Carbon Jet

    701 Single Carb Intake Manifold and Spacer - $150

    Bought this for my 701 Setup to switch to single carb, but wound up starting a different project. Bought it after it was refinished/coated and hasn't been used since. Was told it'll work on anything from a 38 to a 44mm carb. Spacer looks like the one from Riva (not sure if it is). I don't know...
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