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  1. brraaapperdoodle

    440/550 Engine Service

    Im in the process of rebuilding a 1990 Kawasaki JS440 and I was wondering who is the "go-to" for 440/550 cylinders? I have experience on my 701 with Harry Klemm at GroupK and the results were fantastic. Any other 440/550 guru's out there? I have other 550's/750's I will be working on in the...
  2. brraaapperdoodle

    Tiger Craft Hulls

    Ive been doing some general research into aftermarket hulls. Not completely decided on anything yet but I do see this as the natural progression and I would like to invest in something after a while. I haven't gotten to ride many aftermarket hulls but I am sure that I want a fiberglass hull and...
  3. brraaapperdoodle

    Superjet Hood Drains

    I’m not sure if this works for a RN but I found that on my 1995 Yamaha Superjet my vent hoses on the inside of my hood no longer fit when running a Factory B-Pipe and a girdled style cylinder head. I could get the starboard side hose to clear almost but I still didn’t like it. The port side hose...
  4. brraaapperdoodle

    Silicone Exhaust Hoses Turning Black

    Is this normal? Seems like my silicone hoses are turning black at the water box exit and discoloring back to the firewall...
  5. brraaapperdoodle

    WTB 1994-1995 Yamaha Hull

    Looking for a square nose Or FX1 hull. Im looking to build a second ski, Im not afraid of fiberglass work or any cosmetic damages. MUST HAVE TITLE OR SOME WAY TO REGISTER SKI. Thanks! :cool: I'm located in the Asheville, NC area and would be willing to travel for a screaming deal.
  6. brraaapperdoodle

    Best Jet-Ski Shoes

    Ive been meaning to share these with you all, amazing water shoes. Astral is a local Asheville company that makes shoes for outdoor activities and kayaking. I found the "Hiyak" boot one day and haven't looked back. These shoes are so comfy and very grippy. They even have drains! Check them out...
  7. brraaapperdoodle

    New Engine, Running Issues

    So i've been able to get some hours on my ski and have it tuned in pretty well! I'm really loving the new pump the most, Its really night and day hook up from my old stock (and probably worn out) pump. One thing i'm having trouble with is after I fall off the ski doing whatever, It bogs a bit...
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  9. brraaapperdoodle

    New Exhaust Tube

    I have a few extra parts I’m not going to use, they are all new and haven’t seen any water. 1 - Jetmaniac long exhaust hose, Green, doesn’t quite reach in a stock Superjet hull, I think this is for shorter aftermarket skis but you can use a coupler and extension hose to make it fit. I can give...
  10. brraaapperdoodle

    Engine Bolt, Grease or Threadlock?

    Just curious what most of you are using on the bolts during engine assembly. Grease? Threadlocker? Anti-Seize? Nothing?
  11. brraaapperdoodle

    Threaded tab on Midshaft housing

    What is the extra threaded tab on the midshaft housing for? I assume this fits other Yamaha models and may be used on them. But it’s in the way of my dual bilge set up and I’m about to hack it off... don’t think I need it for anything
  12. brraaapperdoodle

    Dual Cooling and B-Pipe Fittings

    Does it matter wether I use strait or 90 degree elbow fittings on the cylinder head/b-pipe? I’m asking because the b-pipe came with two 90 degree fittings and my modified cylinder head came with a strait fitting, I’d like to swap them to make a more direct line/ less bends. Also, is this proper...
  13. brraaapperdoodle

    B-Pipe Clearance

    I sent my pipe to Jet-Hot for a ceramic coating and I’m finally getting everything in place and finishing up my build. I reinforced the hull on my 1995 Yamaha Superjet and of course filled the bond line with epoxy. I used 2 layers of 1708 biax with backer. Now with my engine in place and trying...
  14. brraaapperdoodle

    Superjet Longer Steering Options

    I am running a -2 AC handlepole on my 1995 Superjet and used to run it with a stock steering plate and 0 degree bars. It seemed to ache my back a little when I was cruising but never unbearable. My question is, are there any aftermarket steering plates that use the same spacing as stock? I mean...
  15. brraaapperdoodle

    Thrust Innovations Shorty Steering *SOLD*

    I picked this up for my build not thinking. Mounted it last night and me standing 6’4” this steering is way too short for me. I know I could get different bars but that won’t be enough. This hurts my back just standing in the tray and it’s about 4” shorter than stock steering. I have an ADA...
  16. brraaapperdoodle

    New Bent Driveshaft?

    I really hope I’m doing something wrong here, because it looks to me like my brand new driveshaft is bent. This is a Skat-Trak 144 Set Back Mag, going into a 1995 Yamaha Superjet. Everything is torqued down in the video and I kept having trouble getting my pump aligned. I spun the pump and it...
  17. brraaapperdoodle

    1997 Lloyd Burlew World Championship Ski

    This is not my ski, and I apologize if its already been listed but I wanted to share this. Just stumbled across it on craigslist, the guy says he wants somebody who appreciates it to have the ski. If i had extra cash id be on it. seems legit. Asking $5k...
  18. brraaapperdoodle

    Cooling Line Material and Clamps

    I’m curious what most people are running for cooling line? I’ve seen regular Black auto store lines, colored Blowsion lines, reinforced silicone hose, air compressor hose and who knows what else. What’s the most reliable? Do you run Oetiker clamps on parts you don’t remove often? Regular hose...
  19. brraaapperdoodle

    Girdled Head Kit-SOLD

    Bought 2 of these a while back for my brother and I. I don’t think I will be using them. 35cc ADA domes. $350 shipped for 1 full kit
  20. brraaapperdoodle

    Differences Between Yamabond Compounds

    I’ve always used Hondabond in the past, but because I’m building a Yamaha engine I decided to grab a tube of Yamabond. I’m sure it’s probably about the same stuff and it’s not expensive. I did notice though that Yamaha has a few different Yamabond 4 mixtures. I grabbed the Motorsport and Marine...
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