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    Flat deck fx1 hull w/ tubbies and 144mm pump

    $1300 obo Includes everything you need minus engine, pipe, ebox and start / stop. Includes 144 mm pump conversion w/ skat 13/17 prop Shortened pole -3 Glasses in tubbies Versiplug Motor mounts Tank Battery box and battery (could be replaced) Steering, bars and both cables Waterbox and elbow /...
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    1995 sea-doo hx

    Seadoo hx with 787 carbs Factory pipe 180/ 180 Fast ski that handles great $1750 , trailer can be included( no title for trailer) Oak Park, MI
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    WTB: HX stabilization platform

    Looking for a stabilization platform for a seadoo hx.
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    Cheap 61x 701 + flywheel

    The bad: I pulled this from a running ski that I bought. It had clearly spent some time flooded as the cases are super soft and the whole engine shows signs of corrosion. One of the starter mounts was damaged, so I'm including a starter that is backed on for that mount. No bed plates or reeds...
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    Fx1 parts

    I have a stock 122 mm prop, pump housing and wear ring. Wear ring and prop have damage. $40 + shipping for all. Will sell individually
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    144 mm pump

    I have a 144 mm pump with some damaged vanes, see pics. $20 +shipping
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    SOLD Blowsion 144 mm pump shoe

    This one is a little larger than stock to fill the gap when the stocker is removed. Brand new $50 plus shipping
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    Front foothold

    Front foothold for superjet or other $35+ shipping
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    Installing tubbies with no pre drilled holes

    I have a set of tubbies with no holes in it, but every install thread has one with holes. So I just buy fiberglass screws, do some pilot holes to line it up, thickened epoxy on the back. This all sound good?
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    Want to buy fx1 intake scoop

    Looking for an intake scoop for the fx1
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    What prop should I get

    I have a ported 718 single carb, b pipe, stock 144 mm pump. Possibly an mad enhancer in the future. Kind of lost on what impeller to get. Any advise helps
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    Taking bearings off of the driveshaft

    Is there a way to remove the bearings from the driveshaft without a press?
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    How to disassemble pump

    Can anyone give me a hand. How do I get the driveshaft out? Tried pounding it both ways
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    Pump shoe and intake grate for a 144 mm swap

    Will a 144 mm pump shoe fit in an fx1? Will I have to grind the hull? If so will a superjet intake grate fit? I've noticed the superjet grate is held by two bolts at the back, while the fx1 has 1
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    144 mm Yamaha tilt nozzle

    $40 shipped obo
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    Fx1 handle pole base, or complete pole, or 08+ superjet pole

    I'm looking for the base of the pole, that is hinged to the pole bracket
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    Ovp steering system for fx1 pole

    Can you use an aftermarket steering system with a stock fx1 pole?
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    Start / stop switch. 61x flywheel

    New start stop switch. Only plugged in to determine that the old one was not the problem. Tested on a working ski $80 shipped SOLD 61x flywheel $40 shipped
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    Wtb: fx1 Hull or hood

    Looking for an fx1 Hull or good. Almost any condition
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    Fx1 pole options

    I've seen some great deals for take off superjet poles. Will they fit in an fx1 bracket? Is the hole for the cables the same?
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