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  1. Roseand

    Baller on a budget RIP

    Is it ideal? Maybe not. Will you have a blast? Probably. Neither of those skis are ideal for big surf but I think you'll have a better time on the rip as long as nothing happens that makes it sink! I love slashing and carving waves with my rip.
  2. Roseand

    FOUND! WTB OEM Dual 38mm carbs or Taper bore 38s

    I have non oem brand new mikuni 38s with manifold with brand new boyesen reeds
  3. Roseand

    Is it possible to access jets without removing carbs from ski?

    If that's a stock prop that's your issue. Get a 10/16 hooker!
  4. Roseand

    Is it possible to access jets without removing carbs from ski?

    Somethings wrong with your setup. My 781 on 38s has power everywhere. I run a PFP which might make it a little different than yours but I'm doubtful a b pipe is causing your issue. Pull your carbs and let us know jets. Blue has specs pretty dialed in. You could be propped wrong too
  5. Roseand

    Other Milwaukee M18 - 8 Tool kit with 3 batteries for $599

    I grew up using impacts since I was like 10, but those 6-9v makitas didn't have enough to power to do much damage! Besides the 1/4(absolute all time favorite tool. I use it all the time for work and for skis)and 3/8 drive ratchets, the 3/8 and 1/2 fuel impacts are what I use at work on the...
  6. Roseand

    Want to Buy 900-1100cc billet motor running or needing rebuild

    Title says all. Thanks!
  7. Roseand

    Electronics with MSD, xmetal trim, brand new 38 carbs, Reed stuffers, ada head etc

    Bump Reed stuffers and JRE spacer sold
  8. Roseand

    How deep do skis sink?

    You don't have to do it based on your state?
  9. Roseand

    How deep do skis sink?

    I just emailed my local state farm agent. All I said was I have a WDK jetski registered as homemade with a state-issued HIN. He said they do not do policies for "custom trick jetskis" You are one of the only people I've heard of getting more than just liability on an am hull besides when wake...
  10. Roseand

    Manifold with speedplate

  11. Roseand

    148mm mag pump

  12. Roseand

    Freestyle Tech Tip: Xmetal trim mod for improved handling

    That sounds quite convincing! Is the protec steering nozzle with the welded ears necessary to prevent couplers from blowing out? Or is a stock plastic nozzle with limited steering throw good enough?
  13. Roseand

    Manifold with speedplate

    Looking for one that's opened up to 48mm. 62t cases Thanks!
  14. Roseand

    148mm mag pump

    Lemme know whatcha got. Thanks!
  15. Roseand

    Freestyle Tech Tip: Xmetal trim mod for improved handling

    Does this only make a difference with water blowing out the sides during spins/turns or help with flips/up trim too? Currently using thrust original EZ pull and have an xmetal setup here I could try.
  16. Roseand

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    If it's 701 based you should have 56 deg static angle not 54
  17. Roseand

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    @JetManiac should have everything
  18. Roseand

    What's your view look like today?

    Little test run with the new Blue 781 ;)
  19. Roseand

    Water in electric box

    Another easier to clean up method is using dielectric grease on the seal and all grommets/wires/fuse cap. Also, tighten the screws evenly and don't overtighten to the point the seal squeezes out. Don't need super tight as the top ebox cover has a narrow extrusion all the way around designed to...
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