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  1. Roseand

    Want to Buy 900-1100cc billet motor running or needing rebuild

    Title says all. Thanks!
  2. Roseand

    Manifold with speedplate

    Looking for one that's opened up to 48mm. 62t cases Thanks!
  3. Roseand

    148mm mag pump

    Lemme know whatcha got. Thanks!
  4. Roseand

    Want to Buy SATO/SE/speedmagic throttle lever or similar

    Looking for an SE throttle lever. Will consider something similar.
  5. Roseand

    Electronics with MSD, xmetal trim, brand new 38 carbs, Reed stuffers, ada head etc

    Electronics with enhancer/lightened flywheel These are off of Blue's motor that I just bought so they're off of a running ski. Start wires are cut but I'll include an oem connector kit to fix and a new ebox gasket. 625$ shipped CONUS Xmetal trim with brand new cable 144mm nozzles 425 shipped...
  6. Roseand

    Used 1997 Yamaha Superjet

    Mint b pipe, all screws turn Ada head 175/175 psi Skat prop Stubby cone Shortened pole and quick steer mod WDK REV footholds All kinds of other billet goodies Runs great, brand new battery and exhaust couplers this season Located in Pewaukee Wisconsin Asking 5k
  7. Roseand

    Ported 701/bigbore/Freestyle motor

    Looking for a short/long block freestyle motor ready to go. Looking to spend under 4k. Picked up motor to put together but do not have the time to build it before the season ends so looking for something complete.
  8. Roseand

    Oem dual 38s

    Looking for a clean set of oem 38s.
  9. Roseand

    701 ada 35cc dome

    Anybody got one before I go new?
  10. Roseand

    Rn chin pad

    Looking for a roundnose chinpad
  11. Roseand

    Rn pole bracket

    Looking for an oem or single hole aftermarket rn pole bracket
  12. Roseand

    Want to Buy 701 motor

    Looking for a 62t or 64x shortblock/longblock or bottom end. Would consider t or 64x cases and dual 38s separate as well.
  13. Roseand

    Want to Buy Aftermarket or stock rn pole

    Looking for a rn pole and chinpad and 62t fiber reeds and cages stock or a/m.
  14. Roseand

    Oem 701 starter, pre08 intake grate, large bendix washer

    Looking for some good used parts to rebuild my square. Lemme know whatcha got. Thanks!
  15. Roseand

    Blackjacks/retail 44s & speed plate mani

    Looking to see if anyone has some blackjack dual 44s or retail 44s before I go new. Also looking for a mani that has a speed plate.
  16. Roseand

    760 flywheel

    Looking for a clean 760 flywheel
  17. Roseand

    PHP898, NOVI48s, php intake, vf3s

    Less than 5 hours on this setup since complete rebuild with new 91mm wossner pistons(937cc), rebuilt lightweight crank, all orings etc Cyl was bored through Zack and crank rebuilt through Zack Carbs rebuilt with new mikuni kits and needle/seats, new shaft seals, bushings etc ~205 psi, always...
  18. Roseand

    Want to Buy HPE motor

    Looking for an HPE 5mil or 4mil. Preferably 760 cylinder and not able. Any condition considered. Thanks!
  19. Roseand

    SUPERJET-113 Great seller, great quality parts

    I asked Troy (@SUPERJET-113 ) if he had any 61x based exhaust gaskets with larger ports because trimming the wire mesh sucks!! Instead, he recommended his exhaust gaskets without mesh. Made gasket matching super easy with a dremel and a sanding drum! Gaskets are nice and sharply cut unlike the...
  20. Roseand

    Reed spacers, NIB tornado f/as, Sbn adapters

    Riva red straight 62t spacer-50$ R&D Angled 62t spacer-70$ Add 5$ for the gasket for either one New 2 inch tornado-50$ Pair 44-46mm Sbn adaptors 25$ Prices are shipped CONUS+pp fees
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